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Bleach Manga's Famous Poetry Gets Official Karuta Game

Tite Kubo of The manga is not only iconic for its stylish art and bloody battles, but also for the clever poetry that opens each volume. These poems are now compiled into a custom karuta collection called : Songs of the Soul .

This year, Oito Kubo’s official ファンクラプ “Klub Outside” ニテ will be sold first された#BLEACH卷头歌骑形
のNational release ガ decided! コミックスドザインをおこおっいいる石野竜生氏かよる新パッケージェReappear します!

– Kubo Taito & スタップ (@tite_official) December 2, 2022

For background information, playing cards refer to the traditional Japanese card game. Anime fans may know “poetry karuta” from the hit anime and manga series. The idea of ​​the game is to match the sound spoken out loud with a famous Japanese poem written on a card. This basic style of play can be adapted to many different texts.

Solitaire collection originally available exclusively to members of Tite Kubo

last year’s fan club “Klub Outside”, but its staff Twitter account announced on Friday that the set will be released more widely in Japan. Tatsuo Ishino designed the collection of the manga and designed the packaging to fit the other volumes .

Pre-orders start on Friday, pre-sales will be held at December Jump Festa

Activity18-. If you purchase through Klub Outside at the venue, you will receive a special “Episode 0” Kaliuta card as a bonus. Starting in December, the set will also be available through other retailers Amazon
and Japan The toy store sells 17.

resource: Tite Kubo‘s official Twitter account




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