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Blink and you might have missed this Yankees strikeout

Blink you might have missed the Yonkers strikeout

BRADENTON, FL – Good morning, good afternoon, good night.

Wandy Peralta has always been a master at disrupting batter timing , and with the new pitch timer in place, the Yankees left-hander can run at super high speed.

Peralta on three balls in Thursday’s second inning Strikeout Pirates’ Tucupita Marcano in less than seconds at bat.

“You know what, that’s it for him Alley,” Yankees manager Aaron Boone said after his club’s 9-1 Grapefruit League win. “It’s just going to get him into other trouble.”

A 31 year old enters his 8th after being suspended by the Reds, Giants and now the Yankees In his major league season, Peralta showed how he can use his tricks and the new rules to make devastating combinations.

He launched a 23 mph slider, this surprised 20 year old Marcano Hit a quick one, then hit a quick 85 mph drop ball on Marcano’s swing for a second. Peralta completed the at-bat changeup, freezing the Pittsburgh outfielder’s three-hit pitch.



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