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'Blockbuster' review: Netflix's unforgettable new nostalgic comedy

Netflix The sharpest joke in Blockbuster is the one contained in this sentence: It’s a comedy Set in The Last Blockbuster on Earth, premiering on the platform that helped kill every other Blockbuster. In the first scene, a customer admits that he hasn’t come lately because he’s been “doing Netflix like everyone else.” However, the recommendation algorithm keeps failing him, and that’s where the store staff comes in. It takes a human touch to deduce that what he really needs is in the Tuscan sun , when he would never pick it out for himself.


Bottom line Sweet, simple, nothing special.

Air Date: Thursday, November 3 (Netflix)
Throw: Randall Park , Melissa Fumero , Olga Merediz, Tyler Alvarez, Madeleine Arthur, JB Smoove, Kamaia Fairburn
creator: Vanessa Ramos

But after stressing the importance of brick-and-mortar retail in the online world, he also Delivered an inspiring speech from Independence Day , Blockbuster worked hard to create anything similarly inspiring for himself case. It’s a very pleasing watch, the jokes are light, and the cast of Randall Park and Melissa Fumero is solid. It just lacks something special that needs to be different in the age of streaming wars.

from Superstore and Brooklyn Nine-Nine Veterinarian Vanessa Vanessa Ramos, whose producers are Happy Endings ‘ David Caspe and Jackie Clark, Blockbuster has captured the antiquated beats of modern workplace sitcoms. Will between owner Timmy (Parker) and star employee Eliza (Fumero) – they – won’t – they dynamically mix and match Jonah of Superstore and Amy (Eliza is both an overqualified dropout and an unfortunate married mom) and Jake and Amy (Timmy is a Brooklyn Nine-Nine Boys who never forget their parents’ split).

Meanwhile, larger ensembles rely on co-workers blending into the genre as family dynamics, more than earlier Office and less sticky than lateOffice. Blockbuster‘s greatest asset is a cast of seasoned professionals who take little time to grow into their characters. If you already like Park, Fumero, or JB Smoove (playing Timmy’s articulate BFF/landlord Percy), they play very well here; if you’re most familiar with In the Heights of Olga Merediz, Blockbuster offers her a chance to show off a different side to eccentric mom Hen Connie.

More jokes landed, and ones that didn’t slip away in a gentle wave of happiness. The first season was barely out of laughter, but there were a few quirks aimed at working on the fringes of the entertainment industry, from James Corden’s fake friendliness to the creepy figurine of precious moments. . There’s an episode of subplots about an extremely difficult-to-build version of Emma Stone called Thimble 2: Thumb Wars, which manages to make fun of the franchise, Hollywood’s Sequel obsession and weird movie promotions all in one go.

But if Blockbuster doesn’t do anything particularly wrong, its downside is that it doesn’t do anything impressive either profound things. Ten episodes and half an hour later, haven’t found anything like rock Such sparks a unique sense of comedy or Parks and Recreation world-building know-how or Abbott Elementary and Superstore interest in social criticism. To be fair, if it’s renewed for a second season, it might hone those strengths or find new ones; many comedies take a season or more to develop their own style. At this point, however, even most of its characters feel like a group of relatively mild-mannered people, blending into tried-and-true archetypes like the silly sweetheart (Madeline Arthur’s Hannah) or the Temper A cranky teen (Kamaya Fairborn’s Kyra) with few new twists.

If there’s one notable exception, it’s Tyler Alvarez’s Carlos, who sees the job as a necessary stepping stone to becoming the next Quentin Tarantino or Robert Rodriguez. It’s no coincidence that he’s the character that best fits the premise and setting of the show – his journey doesn’t play out in the same way other than in a video store, whether he’s running around making the shots he captures at work The short film still goes head-to-head with an unpaid intern to discuss horror movie trivia. By contrast, other characters working at Percy’s party supply store may be equally fulfilling or not.

The problem is not that Blockbuster should only be movie nerds; a lot of people accept jobs just because they are available, not because they Satisfies some lifelong passions. That said, aside from Carlos, there doesn’t seem to be any particular reason for the series so far to be set in The Last Blockbuster on Earth. Its plot hinges largely on vague notions of small business challenges (because that’s how Timmy’s Blockbuster has no corporate overlords) and the importance of community (defined here primarily as face-to-face transactions and occasional marketing campaigns).

Without much thought how to leverage its uniquely compelling premise, Blockbuster ends up being a fairly standard workplace The sitcom, wearing a blue-and-yellow logo, may resonate with audiences of a certain age. That’s certainly enjoyable enough for Blockbuster night, as our old millennials used to call it night-watching on the couch, but by the morning it’s likely to disappear into Netflix’s endless stream of content.

“Never underestimate nostalgia. There’s nothing more exciting than knowing that their memories are still valid,” observes one character sarcastically, although she has no idea about the past There’s nothing wrong with appealing, but the old formula does have its limitations. Just ask for the name of the show.



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