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'Blonde': 10 Stars in the Marilyn Monroe Biopic and Their Real-Life Inspirations

Andrew Dominic’s Blonde is to Marilyn Monroe (Ana de Armas) in A reimagining of the true story of Hollywood fame s and ’60s. Throughout the film, Dominic explores the divide between the late Hollywood legend’s public and private lives.

The film touches on every aspect of the icon’s life, including her childhood as Norma Jeane Baker and her rise in the adoption of “Marilyn Dreams” Lu” became a star after the stage name. On her way to the top of Hollywood, Blonde also showcases Monroe’s struggles with love life, exploitation, abuse of power and drug use.

Blonde‘s first trailer showcases De A Monroe of de Armas is trying to keep the Hollywood facade of the starlet she created. “I’ve played Marilyn Monroe, Marilyn Monroe, Marilyn Monroe,” de Armas said on the montage showing her character struggling with public image. “I can’t face doing another scene with Marilyn Monroe.”

As the trailer continues, De Armas insists that she is not a Hollywood star, but a Marjane. “Marilyn doesn’t exist,” De Armas insisted. “When I walk out of the dressing room, I’m Norma Jane. I’m here when the camera rolls. Marilyn Monroe only exists on the screen.”

Aside from the director, Dominic Also wrote the screenplay based on Joyce Carroll Oates’ 1235214391. The biographical novel of the same name..

Many characters in the film are based on real people, which gave the actors enough inspiration to make this project.

De Armas-led cast also includes Adrien Brody, Bobby Cannavale, Xavier Samuel, Julianne Nicholson, Kasper Phillipson, Toby Huss, David Warsowski, Evan Williams and Michael Massini.

Blonde by Brad Pitt, Dede Gardner, Jeremy Kleiner, Tracey Landon and Scott Robertson.

The film was rated NC-17 and promises to present dreams in an intimate and vulnerable way Lu’s life. “I think if I had the choice, I’d rather watch the NC- version of the Marilyn Monroe story. Because We know her life is obvious, from the way it ended,” Doiminik told Vulture Ratings for movies.

Biographical drama premieres September 8 at Venice Film Festival – Get – Minutes standing ovation — before it airs on Netflix in September 2000. (Read Hollywood Reporter’s review of the movie here .)

Read on to find out who’s playing whom in the movies and how the actors are preparing to play their real-life counterparts.




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