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BloodList puts the spotlight on the best horror and dark genre scripts of the year

BloodList is in time for Halloween.

The annual list honors the best unproduced horror and dark genre films and pilot scripts. The list is now in 40 year and previously highlighted items such as Arrival*), Birdbox and Severance, now a popular Apple TV+ series.

In addition to this year’s roster, organizers Brillstein Entertainment Partners and Village Roadshow Pictures have announced that they will be developing Sophia Baratti’s My House is the screen. Additionally, the 40 BloodList title Little India has been co-developed with filmmaker MAYO , helmed by the duo of Priya Sanghvi and Dan Scott Goldstein.

“I was absolutely blown away by the quality of this year’s list. We are very excited and proud to use the BloodList platform to elevate a new generation of horror voices,” said Kailey Marsh, founder of Brillstein’s List.

Focus on scripts outside of the traditional Hollywood ecosystem,” said Village Roadshow film executives Jillian Apfelbaum and Tristen Tuckfield. “Every selection this year has been outstanding and deserves attention and accolades, which will inevitably follow. We are especially excited to join forces with Sophia and her film My House cooperation.”

Find the list below and read the script here.


Screenwriter : Taylor Foreman-Niko
LOG: After the death of her estranged mother, Grace Sutter returns to her Hometown Allerdale. When Grace discovers a link between the decades-old disappearance and the crash, she investigates, with devastating personal results.
type: Terror

Alma’s Grave

Writer: Lizz Marshall
Logline: After killing pregnant mistress, a man is tortured into insanity as he and Her opponent is trapped in a cabin spirit.
type: Horror/Psychological Thriller

Black Book (Pilot)

Writer: Cory Marciel
Logline: An FBI agent with a tragic past and a man from Creation A family of adventurers, it must band together to find the missing pages of a cursed book, hoping to destroy it before it destroys the world.
type: Horror


Writer : Caroline Glenn

Logline: After a global climate catastrophe passed religiously In keeping with the annual harvest ritual, a young woman with a devastating secret must battle dangerous accusations from a community that threatens to descend into chaos.
type: Folk Terror

Horse Killer

Screenwriters : Ben Hirst, Josh Flanagan
Logline: In the end of Pony Express, a Families are besieged on their remote Wyoming outpost by a savage band of border raiders unlike anything the West has ever known.
type: Thriller, Western, Horror, Action


Writer: Maalik Evans
Logline: Four years after narrowly surviving a violent encounter, a A troubled teenager tries to get on with his life, but horror figures from his past resurface at a high school event.
type: Horror/Thriller

My House

Writer: Sophia Bharati
2022Logline: A teenager who accidentally trips is forced to play with cats at a party A game of mouse and mouse in the family where his classmates were murdered. Inspired by true crime.
type: Crime/Thriller/Horror


Writer: Jeff Burnham
Logline: A choked town woman searches for her long-missing daughter, She suspects that she was carried away by a local legendary creature.
type: Horror/Thriller


Writer: Ava Anderson
Logline: A teenage girl and a parasite that lives in her head The aliens must work together to stop an evil invading body snatcher while navigating the hardships of high school, loss, acceptance and growth.
type: Horror Comedy/Sci-Fi

The Wood by the Window (Short Story)

By Charlene Clarke-Todoruk Logline: The wood in the windows won’t be enough this time. there has never been.
type: fear



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