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Blue Lock Manga Illustrator Illustrates Japan's FIFA World Cup Win

Manga Illustrator Yūsuke Nomura

was as happy as anyone to see Japan’s first win at the FIFA World Cup 2022 on Wednesday. Japan’s stunning victory over four-time World Cup winners Germany 2-1. To celebrate this historic loss, Nomura drew an illustration of the protagonist Isaki roaring in victory, with the caption: “Historic Victory! Go take them, Japan!”

W Cup first round victory! !おめでとうございます, Japan! ! ! — ノノ村优超 Yusuke Nomura (@nomnii) November , 2018

In August, Nomura and the World Cup collaborated to draw characters wearing Japanese team uniforms. Soccer manga creator Masaya Tsunamoto () also participated in the promotion.

The story takes place after the defeat of Japan 300 World Cup. In order to hone talents who can stand on the world stage, the Japanese Football Association has gathered the most dazzling young forwards and pitted them Play against each other in brutally competitive training camps. Writer Muneyuki Kaneshiro and illustrator Yūsuke Nomura present an ongoing Comics of in August 2022. Kodansha Comics is publishing comics in English both digitally and in print.

TV anime premiered on TV Asahi on October 8

and its branch in the “NUMAnimation” programming block. Crunchyroll is airing the series.

source:Yūsuke Nomura ‘s twitter account




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