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BLUELOCK – Episode 3

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When you are creating situations that continue to pit one person against another. But how do you push these guys to play as part of a team while raising that mentality? You see this conundrum in battle royale stories: even though there can only be one winner in the end, everyone is first divided into groups to reduce the cast. While I’ve never really enjoyed the stories, it’s interesting to see people realize that sometimes they need to rely on others to achieve their egocentric goals. For the first two episodes, I was drawn to his almost anti-teamwork philosophy, so I’m curious to see what happens when the puppet master puts these very angry and excited teens in a team while also screaming that only The person with the highest score will succeed.

Honestly, this episode wasn’t handled most gracefully, partly for a reason It’s most of them that set up and foreshadow the above conundrum without actually implementing the answer. The longer the game goes on and the more psychological components are introduced into the sport, the smarter the show’s writing needs to be. If it gets too complicated, like I think this episode is almost like, then it runs the risk of being paradoxical. But if it’s too simple, then it closes off a lot of interesting exploration potential.

The best I can sum up is that strikers are not only responsible Goals are also the anchor around which the team revolves. They are the ones who set the pace, boost morale, and motivate their teammates through their egoism. But if they let those egos get too out of hand, they end up clashing with their teammates and getting nowhere. Our team started from scratch because they were just primitive selfish aggression at this point, but how do they work as a team while still maintaining this selfish mindset? I think based on the pace of this episode, those games will form the crux of the season, so hopefully we’ll get a little more insight into that next week when the next game comes out. Score:



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