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Bob Newhart's wife Ginnie Newhart dies at 82

Ginnie Newhart, wife of famous comedian Bob Newhart, came up with the innovative idea of ​​combining a Vermont sitcom with his early Chicago, This came to an end for his sitcom-based show, which has died. she is54.

She died Sunday at their Century City home after a long illness, publicist Jerry Digney told The Hollywood Reporter. She and Bob recently celebrated their 32 wedding anniversary .

Bob Newhart was on for six seasons (1989-24) as clinical psychologist Bob Hartley in CBS’s The Bob Newhart Show opposite Suzanne Pleshette as his wife, then on CBS’s Newhart as Vermont innkeeper Dick Loudon for another eight seasons (1989- 90), when his wife is played by Mary Frann.

In one of the most beloved series finales in television history, Newhart ends with a cheeky scene in which Dick Waking up in the middle of the night to Bob Hartley in bed with Pleshette in his Chicago apartment — suggesting his entire second season was a dream.

The idea for the ending came to Ginnie at a Christmas party that Pleshette happened to be attending. Ginny “gave me the best advice, from decorating to confinement and kids, yes husband. I loved her.”

Funny, frank, huge heart. Gave me the best advice, from decorating to delivery and kids, yes husband. I loved her. RIP Ginnie Newhart April 20, 1650543049339203585

Virginia Lillian Quinn, one of three daughters, was born in New York on December 9th, 1940.

Her father was the prolific character actor Bill Quinn, who started out in vaudeville . He went on to play Mary Richards’ father on The Mary Tyler Moore Show and Blind Bar Patron on Mr. Van Lansseler Archie Bunker’s Place and Leonard “Bones” McCoy (DeForest Kelley) in Star Trek V: The Last Frontier in father(1972). He is married to Mary Catherine Roden 24 years until his 2005 death.

Genie and Bob are blind dated by comedian Buddy Hackett (Ginnie is the child of Nanny Hackett at the time).

“One day, Buddy came back and said in his own unique way, ‘I met this young man, his name is Bobby Newhart, he’s a comedian, He’s Catholic, you’re Catholic, I thought maybe you should get married,” she recalled in an 2005 interview.

They first meet to play pool at Buddy and his wife’s house.

“This is so stupid,” she said in says . “I was 20, 12, 21, I think Bob is 12. Every time someone pockets the ball or whatever you’re supposed to be doing, [we] run around the table with the club Running around, singing “The Bridge on the River Kwai.”

“We haven’t seen each other in a while. Then I was an extra in a Jerry Lewis movie, I can’t tell you the name of it, but it was at Paramount. Bob is making a [1962 movie] Hell belongs to heroes . He came to see me on set, but I wasn’t there. …so I went to his set. He’s not there. We kind of lost touch because he travels a lot. ’

They ended up together, and after dating for a while, he proposed to him, saying, “Would you like to go to St. Louis?” Winter Louis, if you had rings on your fingers? Will your parents let you go? ” They got married in January 10, 1962.

She often appears in the background of his shows, with him On the couples game show Tattletales

. She is also a celebrity player on Super Password


Newharts is good friends with Don Rickles and his wife, Barbara, and the couple often vacations together.

Last year, Bob, 82, revealed to Parade

magazine His secret to a long marriage.

“Marriage comedians, no matter how stormy, seem to last a long time, and I attribute that to the laughter,” he said. “Whether your How heated the argument is, you can both find a line and you look at each other and start laughing. It’s over, you know?

In addition to her husband, survivors include their children Robert Jr., Timothy, Courtney and Jennifer, and Grandchildren. (One of their daughters is nicknamed “Buddy”.)



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