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Bode Men's Fall 2022

Appointment at Broad studio is historical One Lesson – Domestic History of the United States and the Personal History of Emily Adams Bod-Ogella. Last season, the designer found inspiration in her wedding to her longtime partner, Aaron Aujla, so it’s no surprise that this season she’s recalling where it all started: the former apartment/studio on Clinton Street on the Lower East Side. “I lived there for over seven years, and this is where I started Bode,” recalls the designer. “A lot of my friends call it the ‘tree house’ because it’s seven stories high, and then it has a further stairway, and then there’s another level with this interesting temporary roof deck.” Young inspiration is featured in the collection The most obvious way is the skull suit onesie, a nod to the fancy dress party she threw at her apartment back then.

But Adams Bode-Aujla is best at capturing history through objects, and for this series she revisits her archives and what she does for her first A one-off thing done by a series. “Some of the pieces I collected I felt like I couldn’t replicate in the way I’ve always wanted to do,” she explained. So of all the collections she’s done so far, this is probably the most material, embroidered, technically rich, with a great confidence in her abilities and an innate love of craftsmanship. A shirt embroidered with tiny beads of bold colour with a mid-century modern floral pattern looks precious enough to fit under museum glass, but here it’s casually worn over a patchwork of blue Under the white suit. Delicate cutout crocheted lace is used in cream or multi-colored long-sleeved button-up shirts, perfect for all formal occasions. A vest is intricately embroidered with hundreds of white wooden beads that make a wonderful sound when the garment is in motion

was this season’s coat that made the strongest initial impression: a cream-colored “teddy bear” coat with three buttons and a beaded rope around the waist, based on Adams Bode-Aujla’s children’s jacket, kept with other children’s clothing from her special collection, in an aluminum case that may have been used to store film during World War II. A loose jacket covered in shiny black sequins with long fringe detailing at the bottom, originating from

Ladies Night Dress suit. s or ‘s designers are often worn around apartments. There was also a blazer with a horse appliqué, inspired by a dress Adams Bode-Aujla loved as a child (in a surprising — maybe not? — turn of events, another member of the Bode team also Remember owning this dress is for kids). Two red fringed jackets, one short and one long, are typical of the kind of cycle that exists only in the Bode collection. “I have this 1920 style fringed dress, but it’s actually made of from the upholstery edge, like someone in the s will The dress is made like a costume,” she explained. In her hands, it became an elegant 1920 duster coat. It’s this wonderful life circle that excites Adams Bode-Aujla and her fans.




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