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Bode Spring 2024 Menswear

Bode’s sprawling spring collection continues Emily Adams Bode Aujla’s January stop in Paris, finding inspiration in “The Crane Estate,” a Massachusetts home owned by an eccentric 90 A 3-year-old woman whose mother works in 1976. Since early fall1976 inspired by her wedding, Bode Aujla has been exploring new ideas for eveningwear. “It’s something I’m really passionate about because it really suits us,” she said on a recent date at her Brooklyn studio.

This is evident in menswear pieces such as the semi-sheer and – black all-sequin embellished jacket, the navy gold floral crochet suit, and the white suit paired with a gorgeous blue and white striped frog button pajama top (you Matching pants are also available for purchase). That was on display in her just-launched womenswear collection, like a sheer green drop-waist dress embellished with seed beads, and a cream brocade midi jacket with three oversized satin bows at the closure. She called it a wedding jacket. “I love the idea,” Bod Ojira said. “I didn’t get to wear a vintage jacket like this to my wedding, but I figured that’s what I’d wear. In my head, after the ceremony, that’s what you wear; or maybe at a courthouse wedding. ’ she continued, “Or you could pair it with black tuxedo trousers for a very high-end evening look instead of a dress. I could easily put it into menswear, but I think I want This, and I think our girls want this too.”

Womenswear made its official Paris debut last season, although women have been buying and wearing Bode since the beginning. Those who thought it would look identical to “menswear” but with a slightly different fit were taken aback. The collection is absolutely sexy. This is evident in the jersey panties and matching T-shirt, tank top and bra; the grey-blue crochet dress (in the lookbook, nothing inside, with stockings), and the skimpy fish-print gown—yes Yes, robes can be sexy too! The designer laughed: “Someone in our show commented on this too. A lot of people thought it was a way, like, a bode woman compliments a bode man, she’s not bode Men.” Embellished crop tops, like this vintage bow-shaped top made of pleated and folded orange fabric, or another red top decorated with hanging Beadwork, kind of weird, but has its own charm.



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