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BOFURI: I don't want to get hurt, so I will defend with all my might.Season 2 ‒ Episode 12

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BOFURI: I don’t want to get hurt, so I’ll defend with all my strength. Season 2 (TV 2)?

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b2121b2121© Youmei Pavilion, Guyin/KADOKAWA/Bofuri2 Project Finally here in the finale just a few weeks late, b2121 The final result of ‘s second season is hardly surprising. This is by no means a show based on shocking plot twists or even major setbacks, other than to see what shenanigans Maple will pull off to take down the latest powerful threat she encounters. Heck, even my investment in the base conflict going on here is minimal, because I don’t know if I have reason to worry about a bunch, you know, The best players in the world to succeed in the game with any special difficulty events. But Biggest surprise Always so much fun, it can make its particular brand of super-player action possible and carry it to the end. It’s been a while since the series just ended in full reveal mode. But it steps back from previous indulgences, appropriately focusing primarily on Maple Guild players working together to take down the biggest, baddest boss NewWorld Online Developer delivered here at the end of the event. So the main selling point of this grouping is seeing everyone coordinating and contributing to the fight at the same time, which is exponentially bigger than the 2-4 character collections we’ve played before. This is the action of in One last chance to show off everyone’s new pets and powers in full raid territory. b2121 b2121 In a way, anime’s visual elements are more about quantity than quality , such as last week. There’s very little slick paint deployment, and in fact, things look a bit rough, as in crossed the finish line. The massive “Code Alpha,” the anti-Maple tree at the center of this final battle, sometimes rendered in CGI, doesn’t look the worst, but still stands out when it has to be used. But because so many other elements of the action are short, flashy bursts of other characters’ powers being activated, it still serves as an effective attention-grabbing fireworks display. Having everyone act at the same time impresses with the raw variety of RPG power on display, such as Sally and Kanade using a multiplying stack on Maple’s monster form or the twins’ enhanced bear attack. Because most of these are based on abilities that have been shown off in the anime, often multiple times before, there’s reason to appreciate these players using them in well-planned, flawlessly executed multiplayer raids. b2121 b2121 As far as watching fictional esports goes, this is fun enough, and The show tried to level some of the suspenseful moments in the proceedings. Maple’s classic tricks, like Cover Move and Devour, come into play in the final stages of combat, bringing things a nice full circle, and the anime never gets too religious about its game’s indulgences. Brawls in other guilds (including the green-haired beautiful boy have been trying to draw attention in vain all season) contribute absolutely nothing offensively, and honestly, their in-game efforts are just as lackluster. But then can deploy some Humor that works in a totally dry, deadpan way. Mainly, seeing majestic flying mounts like Payne’s dragon and Mii’s phoenix soar alongside Maple’s big silly turtle is fun in itself. This delightful dissonance represents the real appeal of bringing guilds together for in-game teamwork. b2121 b2121 This makes sense to say Come here for a final hurray to step up even more The first season ended with more perspective than any major new discoveries of its own. There is value in seeing that helping others won’t hurt you, this even extends to NWO The developers themselves reflect on the player’s fun making them satisfied at work. Maple’s lesson is even enough to turn around the sullen secretary, who isn’t as important as we thought she was at the beginning of the season. However, she also hinted at introducing other people in future stories. Similarly, the end of the final episode teases various new characters who haven’t yet gotten the “more fun working together” memo, setting themselves up as Maple’s new rivals, waiting to be friends. But honestly, it was a decoration for the credits sequence that delivered the last Maple/Sally dating scene in that completely underserved season. b2121 b2121 For all the other stuff it tries to show off, this Season 2 feels like holding on sometimes There will be a pattern that takes its character into an extended ability-increasing victory circle until the story thinks it can get to that stage, at which point more sharp upgrades may occur. Whether they’ll get a third season to do anything with these, and whether they’ll be able to keep it in the oven long enough for it to bake properly by then, if they do, remains to be seen. Before that, it was like an old MMO where you logged in after get off work just to kill time with your friends, has a very interesting second season. Rating: b2121 b2121 Chris is busy Keep up with the new anime season, it’s a pleasure to be with you. You can also find him writing other stuff on his blog, and spamming fanart retweets on his Twitter, no matter how long it lasts.


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