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BOFURI: I don't want to get hurt, so I will defend with all my strength.Season 2 ‒ Episode 4

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BOFURI: I don’t Don’t want to get hurt, so I’m going to max out my defense. Season 2 (TV 2)?

Community Rating: 4.4

b241b241© 2023 Yuumikan, Koin/KADOKAWA/Bofuri2 Project has always been good at showing the appeal of hanging out with friends online. However, all it does intermittently is sell the act of actually playing Everyone uses the game as a glorified Discord server. Part of that is because the show understands the inherent gag value of Maple and company unwittingly overcoming some epic challenges. We also have questions about the show’s production value, which came up in last week’s episode. I want to know if yielded Curse of the second season that has struggled with so many other anime. If the series can’t portray action captivatingly, maybe it should settle for fluffy fantasy background travelogues, and Maple acts like a fool. Fortunately, this week, the show made a fairly obvious return. That tower attack that started in the previous episode is followed up here and ends here, and it’s done with enough style and structure, just like the old ones I’m so happy to be back. It’s a series of escalating boss fights centered around Maple and Sally. But some of the plot details that underpin these fights, and their descriptions, manage an unusual trick for the show: it makes NewWorld Online looks a bit Cool , and convinced me that I might enjoy playing with my friends. b241 b241 That is, literally, by design. The game’s developers, including this season’s ambitious newcomer, discuss their plans for the expansion NewWorld Online
engagement engagement and engagement, especially how Maple is at the heart of it. It was a unique design challenge, creating something that would work for someone like Maple to win, but also be fun for other players to fight. This is a cool thread because it’s on topic with One of the first seasons of Synergy ; Maple’s presence and fame inspired many other players around her to expand and experiment with their own unique, offbeat character builds. Now we’re seeing that same philosophy influence game designers, completely mimicking Maple in many of the boss character concepts, making the game more advanced, engaging, and thus fun. b241 b241 It extends Maple’s non-toxic positivity to have a good impact in the online gaming space idea. Yes, she’s already enlisted some hardcore gamer guild leaders to open up and play in a purely friendly match. But now her eccentric gameplay is purely accidental, taking advantage of NewWorld Online, which is A season itself is a gimmick, incentivizing the developers to fix their game . It fits the kind of goofy pep talk The tone of the heart, and the idea that one person can change the world, even if it’s virtual. Its growth is underpinned by the series using both its humor and action . Of course, the vore theme has come up with enough regularity in this show now that I have to assume it’s a fetish on some part of the writer. But I won’t deny that I couldn’t help but laugh when Sally hid in her wife’s mouth as a way of dealing with her nasty haunted house sequences. This is an example of Maple and Sally’s swapped supporting roles in this battle. Even Maple can’t beat everything, so we’ve seen Sally save her multiple times, cementing that even though the devs are working to counter Maple’s myriad of powerful abilities, perhaps the real game-breaking power is the friends she makes along the way. b241 b241 If the anime hasn’t reached its best fighting season 1, this week The big show, at least hardly any CGI shortcuts in sight. What we got was action that was both entertaining and watchable. always brings out Extra Stuff Artistic spice when rendering Maple’s Machine God form, but here we turn it up to 11 and let the girls do their best impression. The fight with the final boss then turns to full basics, trusting us to follow what we know about Maple and Sally’s abilities and thank them for their win against a purposefully challenged boss. No nerfing attacks or anticlimactic, provides a truly riveting fight, from watching two gamer girlfriends live-stream their fight with the event boss and making it work. Most notably, in this case, it doesn’t just look cool; it looks fun. Such a plot makes me convinced is really back. It embodies the essential elements of the show, and it’s getting those elements right. It does this through other elements, such as paying attention to the developer’s efforts or taking the time to think about the Mii mindset, which we’re now internally aware of. It’s fun to watch, and I don’t know if I’ll actually have the time to play an MMO of this level myself, so I’m glad an episode like this will at least give me a day and a half hour to settle in and replace the atmosphere with the experience. Rating: b241b241 is currently streaming on Crunchyroll.



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