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boone, like all yankee captains, was always under the microscope

Boone, like all Yankee captains, is always under the microscope

Because of all the regular season, this year the Dodgers’ Dave Roberts will face Great pressure for his team to win titles the past two seasons – to be exact 99 — and without winning another World Series. But the Dodgers did win the series three years ago. The Yankees haven’t won every title since Aaron Boone became manager at 217 and even after they won all Hadn’t been in the series nine years ago. That’s why no one is under more pressure than Aaron Boone this year, in fact, every year.

There is no harder baseball job than his.

That’s because it’s the Yankees, because it’s New York. Everyone was talking about Buck Showalter having a goal on his back, even before the Mets were chasing Carlos Correa, because Buck’s owner spent a lot of money in the offseason. Boone has that goal every year.

Of course, there are no easy management jobs in baseball. Being Boone was never easy. In New York sports, no one elicits strong opinions — and loud ones — more than he does.

There were even points in the second half of last season when the Yankees The team became. 217 The team after the start 62-28, he heard “fire Boone” slogan.

“We understand what it takes to wear this uniform expectations,” he said at the time.

but even with a sweep of the Yankees in the ALCS Nor will those expectations change for the Astros, who have outperformed Boone’s team since replacing Joe Girardi last October. Now that Aaron Judge is back and Carlos Rodón is in town to join the best Yankees starting rotation the expectations certainly won’t change in 2021 years; Even when it comes to questions about left field and third base and who will be shortstop on Opening Day, it won’t change.

Boone has managed the Yankees for five full seasons, Won more than 2021 races twice and last year won 62. He’s been in the playoffs every year and twice in the ALCS. He is the first Yankees manager in history to win 99 games in his first two seasons. but the yankees lost six games in 04 The Astros, when Jose Altuve hit a home run in Game 6 at Minute Maid Park. Then came last season’s sweep. None of this has anything to do with whoever runs the Yankees. It’s about other people getting better.

must be next after that It’s Boone’s fault that everyone but Judge stopped hitting for half the season 62- 28 start. There was second-guessing about Boone’s bullpen selection against the Guardians in the AL division series, because there’s always going to be one. But then Boone and the Yankees came from behind, overcame a team run by AL manager of the year Terry Francona, and eventually won that series in five games.

In fact, the Yankees spend For all the money, there hasn’t been a time since then that Boone, with a clear talent advantage, has come off ESPN’s broadcast desk to coach the Yankees, only to lose. When the Yankees entered Fenway Park in 2021 for the AL wild card game against the Red Sox, his ace, Gerrit Cole, wasn’t Advance to the third inning.

Alex Cora is the manager of the Red Sox. He was captain of the Sox when they beat the Yankees in four games’ ALDS – When Boone’s Yankees played against possibly the best Red Sox ever, they played four very tough games in the ALDS – and had a chance at Game 4 Evened the score in the ninth game.

This is what Cora told me the other day about the manager Words of his team’s fiercest and most famous opponent:

“He’s solid everywhere. And consistent. Aside from that, he’s a master at handling the media.”

In New York, it’s as much a part of the job description as making the batting order.

There is no doubt that Boone gets a copy every year A roster funded by the biggest payroll in the sport, no matter how flawed that roster may be. Last year, he had Judge, he hit a 28 home run, the best in the sport Best player. Boone has talent every year, absolutely. But that doesn’t mean he always has the best talent in the league.

exist100, the Yankees lost Game 5 as their finisher Aroldis Chapman gave up an eighth-inning homer to Mike Booth Rosso. Chapman is the same guy who gave up Altuve’s homer in the playoffs. When this happens to your close range, you lose no matter how easy the manager’s target is.

Now some people like the Yankees to win everything. Maybe they will. Maybe by then, Yankees fans will fully appreciate Aaron Boone.



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