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Boone wants Judge to be Yankees 'for his entire career'

Boone wants the judge to be the Yankees’During his entire career#

Yankees manager Aaron Boone stated that Aaron Judge was phenomenal 2022 season should be celebrated with the American League MVP award, saying he hopes the soon-to-be free agent slugger will wear pinstripes throughout his career.

Since Thursday on ESPN’s “Michael Boone’s first public comment since the Yankees were eliminated in the AL Championship Series. Boone and general manager Brian Cashman are scheduled for Friday at Yankee Stadium to hold a press conference. PM EST.

“I don’t think you’re going to be in a very, very long Time to see a season like [Judge], very likely,” Boone said. “His combination is amazing. I think maybe just as important is what he is to our team and our organization. I think you guys understand how much I love him and the relationship I have with him. Of course, it’s hard to imagine Someone can replace Aaron Judge.”

Judge, he struck out 61 home run breaks Roger Maris

Year-old single-season AL home run record and can start talking to other teams five days after the World Series. Judge rejected a seven-year, $500,000 extension with the Yankees in April; Cashman said the club wanted to keep Judge, but no further negotiations have occurred.

“Hopefully we get to the point where he’s back to pinstripes for his entire career, Like I think it should be,” Boone said. “You never know where it ends up going. If that happens [and the judge leaves], you have to be able to adapt and adjust and find other ways to get the job done. We’ll see how it plays out, but, hopefully, It works between Aaron [and the Yankees]. He’s going to win the MVP, and you can’t have a better person to lead your organization than that from a player’s perspective.”

Boone said while it was “brutal to see the Astros and Phillies go on to the World Series” ‘, but with the Yankees for the 2022 season. Regarding the ALCS being swept by Houston, Boone said he was already speculating in the sixth inning of Game 3 of the ALCS that he decided to lift ace Gerrit Cole in favor of reliever Lou Trivino.

” That’s when I thought maybe I should stay with Gerrit A place to be together,” Boone said.

Even if the Yankees run only three of four games With two or fewer ALCS losses, Boone said he thinks the idea that New York is hitting hard during the playoffs is “frankly, a little overblown.” At this point, Boone credits the Astros ‘ pitching staff at the same time Point out that his team lacks key hitters like DJ LeMahieu and Andrew Benintendi.

“I know there’s frustration out there, people are frustrated,” Boone said . “I understand that. I respect that passion. It’s a great thing to be a part of this organization, so many people who are passionate about it and care about it. At the end of the day, I have a job to do, and that’s trying to help us do To the best. This is what we will continue to strive to do.”

Regarding next year’s roster, Boone said Isaiah Keener-Falefa “could” be the starting shortstop, although he pointed to Oswald Cabrera, Oswald Perazza and Anthony Waugh Erpe is also “knocking on the door”. Boone added that he “absolutely” wants Josh Donaldson to remain the starting third baseman.

Boone said he wished ’19 Yankees emerge as title contenders when asked if roster has to be reworked to win At the World Series, he strongly disagreed.

“No no no no,” Boone said. “There’s no question that we have to get better. Part of it is that you’re missing some really crucial parts of getting into key series. That’s part of that. Part of it is that going into the playoffs is a little bit more complete and gives you a better chance. , better on our feet. That said, we still have a chance. We can still win. We can still get there. We don’t.”




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