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Boone, Yankees have 'my belief', says GM Cashman

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  • Li Jun ESPN


      Formerly a staff writer for the Bleacher Report
  • Cornell grad

    NEW YORK – The New York Yankees went 6-14 in August, which caused outrage across their fan base, and manager Aaron Boone passed the The press conference slammed the table for publicly expressing his frustration.

    “This team has my beliefs,” Cashman said before his team’s 4-2 win over the New York Mets. “I believe in them and I think they can still achieve everything we ever hoped and dreamed of, but we have to get through this first.”

    In recent days, Yankees fans at the club The struggles made Cashman and Boone the object of their anger. In addition to struggling offensively, right-hander Frankie Montas has a 9.00 ERA and has pitched 14 times in 14 innings since the team traded him from Oakland. Meanwhile, the team traded for Jordan Montgomery, who posted a .54 ERA in three starts and allowed one point in 16⅔ innings pitching for the St. Louis Cardinals. Harrison Budd, who came to New York from St. Louis, has yet to play a game because of an injury.

    That being said, Cashman has been bullish on Boone in recent weeks.

    “I think he’s doing a great job,” Cashman said. “I think he manages the players very well…he’s solid. It’s important for our players to see that because if he can keep his temperament the same, for the most part, they won’t see panic But that doesn’t mean he can’t lose his cool, he’ll lose his cool from time to time when necessary.”

    Montas’ struggles in the early days of the Yankees were in stark contrast to Montgomery’s success Contrast St. Louis has reviewed the Yankees’ approach at the deadline. Cashman said Montas is recovering from a shoulder injury following the recent death of his family, which has affected his performance on the court.

    “You wouldn’t change the attempt to acquire him, but we didn’t know he had no money,” Cashman said. “So you add that he’s out 10 to 12 days before his next start, plus he’s coming back from a period of slump and now transitioning to another club, he’s just not out of the gate.”

    Cashman also compared this Yankees struggle to the team’s disappointment throughout the 2021 season, in line with World Series expectations. Cashman said the team anticipated adversity, but the team has shown it can perform at the top level.

    “I believe in this team,” Cashman said. “I know Aaron Boone believes in this team. I know our bosses believe in this team. It’s a good team, they’re dedicated, they’re hungry, and they’re really talented, and they just happen to play badly, more than We expected a little longer. About how we got out of the gate the first three months. But I won’t forget that.”



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