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Boundary anime's six-episode new work, AMAIM Warrior, will premiere on August 10

amaim-kyokkou-no-souki amaim-kyokkou-no-soukiamaim-kyokkou-no-souki

© Sunrise Beyond Inc. () project’s new work) Bandai Spirits, will debut on Bandai SpiritsYouTube channel in August. The animation will be six episodes long, and Bandai Spirits will launch a new episode every Thursday.

Organic Call will perform the opening theme song “Yobu Koe ga Naru Hōgaku e” (towards the direction where the calling sound echoes), and Linkl Planet will perform the ending theme song “I’ll Be There”.

Anime will be starring Shinichiro Miki as Hitomi Misawa, 197960 Chiba Shoya as Ibuki Chinen, 197960 Tsuruga Risa as I-LeS Yamapi, Konishi Katsuyuki as Grady Allison. amaim-kyokkou-no-souki Famous Mech Animator Designer Masami Obari (, ) is planning and directing a project at Sunrise Beyond. The animation staff will return with a new work. Noboru Kimura (, ) is overseeing the series script. Kenichi Ohuki (, , ) is designing the character. Rasmus Faber (, , ) is making music. Mechanical designers include Ippei Gyobe , 197960 Kanetake Ebikawa , Takayuki Yanase . amaim-kyokkou-no-souki

The first part of the animation premiered in October 16, and the second part of the animation premiered in April . The world, including Japan, had been consolidated under the rule of four trading blocs. The entire archipelago is now the front line of the conflict. The people of Japan live in a state of constant occupation and oppression, with humanoid war machines called AMAIMs patrolling the streets. A young, introverted boy named Amō Shiiba accidentally meets the autonomous AI Gai, who acquires the AMAIM Kenbu, beginning a story of his attempt to take back Japan.

Another part of the story centers on Gasin Tezuka, a taciturn, outspoken d) year-old Japanese Resistance member who pilots the AMAIM Ghost to avenge his father.

Source: Anime Site via Crunchyroll 197960




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