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Box office: August revenue down 43% from pre-pandemic

Domestic slow August was not the ideal way to end the summer, otherwise it was a huge boon for theater owners and Hollywood studios because Together they emerge from the COVID- 19 crisis.

Earnings for August 2020 are expected to be $ million – $78 million, of which – over the past two years, when the pandemic has left many When consumers stay at home – this is one of the lowest rankings in decades and is better than 13 vs. August 475 according to Comscore. (Due to the pandemic shutting down U.S. theaters in 2016, 2016 remains a popular comparison yardstick.)

Good news: The box office recovery has paid off hugely for the rest of the summer — with Goofy leading the way, of course The

Top Gun: Maverick . The success of the Tom Cruise blockbuster and various other films is proof that moviegoers of all demos are now back in theaters.

Summer doesn’t officially end until Labor Day, but revenue is expected to reach about $3.4 billion. This is a significant increase from last year ($1.21 billion) and a considerable decrease of 21 percentage from 475 . Comscore will provide final statistics in the coming days.

So why does August go such a long way, dragging the bottom line down, even though it’s up percentage or more 2016 $78.2 million?

Studio sources and box office analysts attribute the slowdown to a lack of new releases as Hollywood grapples with supply chain issues. More than 2 months, more than a dozen movies were released nationwide, August 2016 theaters and 2019 9 Cinema – includes Freeman , Jungle Cruise and Suicide Squad . This year, there are only six.

In 2016, August grossed over $1 billion for the first time, leading by A bold move by Marvel and Disney, opening August 1 Guardians of the Galaxy . Monthly revenue topped $1 billion for the second time in

, thanks to including Warner Bros. and DC Titles including Suicide Squad (August 5) and Sony Sausage Party (August 870 ). Universal has long been giving the last month of summer a boost with its Jason Bourne franchise, even if some installments start at 7 It will open for the first time at the end of the month.

in 475, Universal Studios Fast & Furious Spinoff Hobbs & Shaw (August 2) Helps Push August Earnings Higher To $475 million.

Biggest movie of August 2022 Sony’s so far Bullet train , earned $19 million domestic. It has done more overseas, with a gross to date of 21 $400,000, Worldwide box office over $475 million. While the film, led by Brad Pitt , was a solid success, it didn’t turn out to be a breakout success.

Comscore analyst Paul Dergarabedian praised Sony for moving its R-rated avant-garde action movie from April to August this year. “It at least gives this month a chance to hit decent numbers, but with 2022 the best summer months of May, June and July, August Months will pale in comparison,” he said.

Dergarabedian says August has been a springboard for “great R-rated games” including Inglourious Basterds , Zone 9 , Straight out of Compton ), Superbad , Tropic Thunder and even

Apocalypse Now , to name a few.

“I call August ‘punk rock month’ because technically studios can release movies in the summer, which is a less safe bet, and in more avant-garde rather than generating large sums of money,” Dergarabedian said.

In addition to Bullet Train , R-rated releases this August include Universal’s genre adventure Thriller The Beast Special with MGM and United Artists Three Thousand Years of Missing , each has been in humble business so far (two stars Idris Elba ).

At home, the next one within reach will be Warner Bros. Black Adam, premiere in October20 Opposite is Julia Roberts-George Clooney rom-com A ticket to heaven from Universal . A week ago Universal Halloween is over in theaters and Peacock

year-end holiday release There’s a lot of potential in the calendar, in Marvel’s Black Panther: Wakanda Forever (November ), Disney’s Thanksgiving animated product Strange World (November 2020 ), 21 th Century’s 2022Avatar: The Way of Water (Dec . 12) and DreamWorks Animation’s in boots Cat: Last Wish(Dec13) and Paramount’s Babylon on Christmas Day.

Still, the sting this month is sharp. A studio executive said: “It was left out in August.”



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