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Box office: 'Avatar 2' crushes Christmas with $95.5M, everything else is Bah Humbug

James Cameron’s Avatar: Way of Water took a big bite $95.5 million over four days during the Christmas weekend easily beat domestic box office .

Outside of the big budget, there isn’t much to feast on due to inclement weather and general moviegoers’ indifference to other new films.

Puss in Boots: The Last Wish Launch lags behind expectations while Whitney Houston : I Wanna Dance With Somebody and Babylon got off to a dismal start. It doesn’t help that Christmas Eve is on a Saturday this year and Christmas is on a Sunday.

Revenues are even down significantly from last year. The hope now is that traffic will pick up this week and New Years weekend.

Not Avatar 2 Worry. This movie is from th Century and Disney, doing better than expected during the Christmas period ends Monday with estimated domestic box office receipts of $601.$2 million and $603 .1 million worldwide as annual box office grosses The second Hollywood movie, after Top Gun: Maverick. Overseas, The Way of Water harvested a substantial $100 over Christmas weekend .6 million (three days) Foreign totals as of Sunday are $603 .7 million, including over $ Wan is from China. By the end of Monday – Boxing Day – the foreign total had grown to $603.9 million.

Puss in Boots: The Last Wish from DreamWorks Animation and Universal opens Wednesday, Been tracking $30 million to $31 million range. Instead, the film released a six-day release of $25 million dollars26 million. Its subdued performance underscores ongoing concerns about the strength of the household market as the industry recovers from the pandemic. Universal still believes The Last Wish will have a long run in theaters, as it has little competition in the coming weeks.

“The Last Wish” , which won CinemaScore A, ranked second in China. Overseas, it brought in a total of $32.$5 million with estimated global revenue of $31.2 million to Monday.

Whitney Houston of TriStar: I Wanna Dance With Somebody and Paramount’s Babylon all need grown-ups and a demo on the brink of extinction in the pandemic era.

I Wanna Dance With Somebody Despite an A CinemaScore, four days are projected at 6.6-6.8 million Dollars from viewers and glowing reviews. In terms of international box office, the biopic earned only A modest income of $2.6 million.

Paramount’s star-studded Babylon gets a C+ CinemaScore, and unless it bounces back quickly, it’s going to look pretty impressive people disappointed. Damien Chazelle’s Hollywood flick, like Avatar 2, is three hours long and is projected to run for four days, grossing just $4.9 million. The film, which cost at least 56 million dollars to make before marketing, is Paramount’s first of this year Lost video.

Professional Box Office, Whale Extended to a total of 293 cinemas during the Christmas period. A movie is expected to earn around 1.5 million over the four day weekend The US dollar domestic total was $3.1 million.

In new release, Sarah Polley’s critically acclaimed Women Talk in eight theaters on Friday. MGM and UAR movies, like many other movies that appeal to adults, start shooting estimated $56, scope. 955



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