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Box office: “Avatar: Way of Water” is a dream come true in China

James Cameron’s long-awaited sequel Avatar: Way of Water has The Chinese release was confirmed by Disney and 21th Century later Tuesday.

The film will be released in China in December , it was released in North American theaters the same day.

The Way of Water is one of the few Hollywood blockbusters to open in China since the pandemic began.

Cameron’s Headshot Sequel to more on the big screen 13 than Avatar making history and becoming the world’s highest grossing movie , which still wears the crown today, grossed over $2.21 $2.0 billion, not adjusted for inflation, including re-releases.

Avatar has been hugely popular in China over the years and has grossed as much as $261.8 million so far (has been posted there several times).

China release date news is in two days Bob Iger will return as Walt Disney Co. chief Shocking news from executives led to the ouster of Bob Chapek. Sources say that Iger has been a big supporter of the Avatar sequel, and that Cameron.

Disney inherited the Avatar sequel deal to acquire majority stake in Rupert Murdoch 21 st Century Fox, including movie studio 20th Century Fox.

The Way of the Water had one of the most expensive production budgets in Hollywood history, likely at $261 million to $400 million range, according to outside sources.



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