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Box Office: 'Black Adam' Smashes With $67M, 'Tickets to Paradise' Soars to $16.3M

Wow. Thanks to two films starring the biggest movie stars in the world, the domestic box office is getting a resurgence after a rough slump.

DC and Warner Bros. superhero pic Black Adam with promising $67 Million marks the largest opening in the country

Dwayne Johnson career outside of the main Fast and Furious series. (Johnson’s previous best was Hobbs & Shaw , rolling out to $64 million.)

overseas, Black Adam from

to 54 million dollars markets, world premiere $140 million. The United Kingdom leads with $6.1 million, followed by Mexico ($5.3 million), Brazil ($4.9 million) and Australia ($4.7 million).

while $60 Million domestic releases are generally considered the start of a relatively modest big-budget superhero movie, Johnson’s films are known to have particularly strong multiples, with Black Adam will need to cover $195 million to $ Production budget in the million range, including remakes.

New Line/Warner Bros. movie is streaming in 4 250 cinemas including Imax and Premium large format screen. The film received mixed reviews from critics, while audiences gave it a B+ and an exit score was not bad. Tickets purchased by men accounted for 35% of all tickets sold above.

Black Adam Jean Johnson with his Jungle Cruise

Reunited Directed by Jaume Collet-Serra and featuring a new team of heroes from DC Movies: The Justice Society of America. These include Hawkman (Aldis Hodge), Cyclone (Quintessa Swindell), Atom Smasher (Noah Centineo) and Doctor Fate (Pierce Brosnan). As for Johnson, he plays Black Adam, an antihero full of ancient powers.

2nd place is Generic and Working Titles Tickets to Paradise , starring 2015 Julia Roberts and George Clooney as two bickering exes who try to prevent their daughters from getting married. In a big win for both adult films and rom-coms, the film took off with a higher-than-expected price tag .3 million from 3,542 theaters. Globally, it’s making a decent $73 .3 million overseas.

Paradise Ticket marks George Clooney since Tomorrowland the highest opening in the country (2015) and since Wonder (Highest opening for Julia Roberts since ). Women make up the majority of the audience, while 64 % of all purchases The age of the voter is and above.

Paramount Horror Smile Goes LOL with $8.4M in fourth weekend Price Ranked 3rd The domestic total is 80.$300,000, and the global total is as high as 195.200,000.

Universal, Miramax and Blumhouse’s Halloween is over Drop 82 reached $8 million in the second weekend with a gross domestic revenue of 667 .7 million and $64 $100,000 worldwide (available on Peacock in the US).

Weekend gross over $99 July Summer Box Office The first million since the recovery 350, according to ComScore.

at the professional box office, promising prize Banshee of Inisherin , from Searchlight, released $35,140 from four theaters in New York and Los Angeles. It was the high point of the weekend and one of the best location averages of the year sadly .

Inisherin’s Banshee is one of the many award-winning players that unfolds at the fall box office. In the holder, Till expands to 250 builds momentum in the process locations will end on Sunday with a gross domestic revenue of $250,000 from104 Place. Next weekend, the critically acclaimed MGM and UAR movie – owned on Rotten Tomatoes 99 Percent Critic Ratings – will expand nationwide.

Tár ends third weekend with $1.2 million domestic gross from

Location, while Triangle of Sorrow has earned $1.4 million from.



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