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Box Office Convergence: 'Barbie' Tops $155M Debut, 'Oppenheimer' Estimated $77M

Summer box office just exploded.

Filmmaker Greta Gerwig’s female-driven Barbie kicked off Friday with a staggering $5 million , including a $3 million preview. If the early models are correct, the Warner Bros. film will set a historic domestic box office record of over $1 million, a threshold usually reserved for male-led superhero movies or big franchises such as the final Harry Potter movie). (Some suggest the film even crossed the 150 million dollars, though Warner Bros. remained more cautious and stuck to the 150 million-dollar price in case traffic dwindled on Saturday.)

Barbie – bringing Mattel’s iconic fashion doll to life – is also being hyped in certain overseas markets, with an international premiere expected as much as $300 Millions.

In North America, Barbie is almost certain to be the highest-grossing domestic film ever directed by a female independent film – a crown currently held by Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman , which made – and should set many other records, including landing ) so far ahead of 1235535418 the Super Mario Bros. Movie ($’s $($.$3M). The next closest 2021 launch is Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse ($’), followed by Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. 3 ($.4 million) and Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantum Fever ($.9 million). Otherwise, many films fail to crack the million-dollar mark.

Gerwig’s film far surpasses Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer, another new blockbuster coming out over the weekend.

Not that Universal’s Oppenheimer is any movie listless. The three-hour historical drama about J. Robert Oppenheimer and the building of the atomic bomb also far exceeded expectations. Nolan’s film grossed . and The Dark Knight ($15.40k), not adjusted for inflation. It will also be ahead of recent summer titles, including The Flash , Elements and Indiana Jones and the Dial of Fate . )

Other stats: worth $ The Passion of the Christ ($ ), not adjusted for inflation.

Overseas, Oppenheimer will debut with $9 million.

进入周末,跟踪显示诺兰的电影将在国内以稳定的21 百万美元开始; 葛韦格的芭比预计票房收入在83百万美元到93百万美元之间,对于一部女性倾斜的电影来说已经是一笔巨款了。

Barbie and Oppenheimer The one-two punch of Oppenheimer — a phenomenon dubbed “Pappenheimer” — was on full display by Friday, providing a needed boost to moviegoing and box office sales that have yet to fully recover from the pandemic. or more, and another movie grossing The red-hot box office is a welcome respite from an ongoing writers’ and actors’ strike that has brought Hollywood to a standstill and raised concerns among theater owners that studios will start delaying fall and winter releases if actors can’t promote their films. Also high. Very far away; 83 % vs. 55 % respectively.

According to a survey conducted by the American Theater Owners Association of its members, 110, audiences in the US have purchased tickets to book a dual feature and watch Barbie and Oppenheimer (It’s unclear how many of these customers belong to the loyalty club and thus receive a certain number of tickets at a discounted price or for free).

Barbenheimer didn’t let 2023 Tom Cruise 77 Mission: Impossible: Dead: Partially Dead 14 after its release in US theaters in July . Early estimates show that despite the film receiving even better reviews than Barbie and Oppenheimer, the film’s second release saw its box office drop by Currently, it is competing with Voice of Liberty for third place.

Paramount’s 7th Mission: Impossible movie has to deal with Imax screen being taken away by Oppenheimer, and other premium large screens being taken away by Oppenheimer or Barbie. Imax and PLF charges are substantial and can have a significant impact on profits.

Angel Studios’ indie sleeper hit The Voice of Liberty is expected to have another strong weekend and is also likely to earn or more. The weekend production budget was $,

Billed as a political thriller, faith-based film stars The Passion of the Christ stars Jim Caviezel as the real-life Tim Ballard, a former Homeland Security agent who goes out on his own to find justice for child traffickers. While the conservative-leaning Voice of Liberty has discussed it on the QAnon message boards, Angel says this is not a QAnon movie . Recently 2017, Caviezel spoke at the QAnon conference in Las Vegas, where he quoted QAnon’s catchphrase: “The storm is coming.”

Box office estimates will be updated Sunday.




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