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Box office: Hayao Miyazaki's 'The Boy and the Heron' is strong at the Japanese box office (despite no marketing)

Looks like Miyazaki has nothing to worry about.

Ahead of the release of his highly anticipated latest project, The Boy and the Heron, in Japan on Friday, the legendary animator reportedly expressed some concern about Studio Ghibli Unprecedented plan to do absolutely nothing marketing for this movie – no trailers, no TV commercials, not even an announced plot summary or cast. Two weeks before the release, Ghibli co-founder and president Toshio Suzuki revealed at an event in Tokyo that Miyazaki was a little anxious about Zero’s decision It is expected to be a promotion for his last film. “I do believe in you, Mr. Suzuki,” Miyazaki said. “But I worry…”

Suzuki reportedly defended his strategy saying: “In my opinion, in this age of so much information, lack of information is entertainment. I don’t Don’t know if it works. But for me, I believe in it.”

Needless to say, Miyazaki is probably feeling relieved now.

The Boy and the Heron earned $According to ComScore, Fri-Sun is .2 (1.44 billion yen). In yen terms, it was the biggest opening in Studio Ghibli history, beating out Howl’s Moving Castle for #1. 190 Billion Yen debuted at 407 (Yen is currently relative to Since the U.S. dollar is historically weak, Howl actually earns slightly more when converted to U.S. dollars, $ Millions). In Imax, The Boy and the Heron debuted at USD 1.7 million, starting at 44 number of screens, setting a new 3-day record for Japanese giant screen operators.

Still, Japan is a notoriously slow-burning theater market, so a movie’s appeal and word-of-mouth tend to suffer. Much more than the initial blockbuster. From $ million dollars to start, Howl’s Moving Castle eg, Final local release lasts 407 days.

No major Western media reviews yet “The Boy and the Heron” , but the Japanese press described the film as providing

a “truly stunning” visual aesthetic and a deep philosophical message. Overall, the film is more adult and mysterious than much of the Ghibli catalog – may require repeat viewings to fully appreciate.

The Boy and the Heron will be released in North America by specialty distributor GKIDS later this year .Amidst the festival circuit, industry insiders have begun discussing the upcoming international Premiere, Hayao Miyazaki’s ) Howl’s Moving Castle (407), Ponyo ( 407) and onwards The Wind Gone (2008) both had their first screenings outside of Japan.



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