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Box Office Preview: Controversial 'Don't Worry Darling' Could fetch more than $20 million

After weeks of making headlines with controversy after controversy, director Olivia Wilde ‘s sophomore feature film don’t worry, dear may hit the box office this weekend Surprisingly $ in the premiere million over.

Official Tracker and Warner Bros. are more conservative in forecasting USD 17 million. But according to the sales of advance tickets, the price range given by exhibitors is 24 million to $

million (some people think it can score higher).

Analysts believe that the film’s greatest asset in terms of box office performance is the large number of young women committed to Harry Styles with Florence Pugh and Chris Pine in Wilde’s high-concept psychological thriller Standoff about a young couple living in an idyllic, cult-like community.

Don’t worry, my dear

is the most watched entry at the Venice Film Festival, Because it faced many controversies, including rumors of a feud between Wilde and Pugh.

Hollywood insiders don’t believe the average moviegoer would care about this off-screen drama. If anything, publicity may have increased visibility.

Even more worrisome are tepid comments . Don’t worry dear Currently there is 10 Percentage of critics score on Rotten Tomatoes, lowering its chances of winning and making it harder to appeal to older people who are known for relying on reviews when deciding whether to go to the cinema.

Don’t worry, darling In the acclaimed There should be no problem winning the weekend before Queen, can earn $ million in the second weekend, down slightly from the opening weekend.

Another headline to watch is 1235208514 Avatar , the most profitable movie of all time. Director James Cameron and his production partner Jon Landau are gearing up for the “Avatar: Way of Water” sequel to hit theaters in December , and returning the original films to theaters is just one component of a sprawling marketing campaign orchestrated by Disney and 24 Century.

Avatar should be in the range of $7 million to $1235224533 between collecting this weekend million.




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