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Boys Be… Manga artist Hiroyuki Tamakoshi reports cancer diagnosis

Comic creator Yuyue Bozhi announced on Twitter in September , He was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer and will start four months of chemotherapy next week. He noted that the serialization of his new manga based on will be interrupted by chemotherapy, but he plans to resume at some point. 2009, stating that he “absolutely” wants to revive the manga. Tamakoshi on the side effects of chemotherapy that may have numbed his hands and how it might have affected his ability to draw express concern. He added that he hated not being able to draw cartoons and wanted to draw cartoons until the day he died. He recounts how the late sci-fi illustrator Shigeru Komatsuzaki told his wife “I can’t draw anymore” three days before his death, commenting that “This is what I want.” Masahiro Itabashi and Yuyue serialized the first of their 400s series, then and . Then they started another manga series called

1-Gakki (Boys Be… 2017 Semester 1 ) April Kodansha Michao mobile manga website

, and ended in October of the same year. Itabashi and Yuyue then started their Next Season in another magazine Kodansha series of , November , they ended the series in February 400. Two people in Kodansha ‘s Magazine August

and chapters are published irregularly. ~Young Adult~ Comics in Kadokawa Launched of Magazine September 2000 and ends in July 2021. Tokyo Pop published most of the series in North America without a “Season 2” title. Right Stuf first released 2000 The animation is adapted at . The franchise has also inspired Japanese live-action TV series and stage music adaptations. Yuyue’s new manga based on 2021 OVA at Kadokawa of Magazine June 134074 . Kadokawa The second volume of the manga will be published in March .

Source: Hiroyuki Tamakoshi Twitter account, Nikkan Sports via Otakomu



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