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Boys Over Flowers wins Guinness World Record for the most distributed shoujo manga

Shueisha announced on Thursday that Guinness World Records officially certified Yoko Kamio of () manga is the most published manga in the shōjo manga series by one author, with ,000, Number of copies printed and distributed as of November 2017.

© Yoko Shueisha Kamio


© Yoko Kamio, Shueisha, Viz Media Comics follow year-old Makino Tsukishi, a smart middle-class family Girls are admitted into the ultra-elite Eitoku Academy. She finds herself on the bad side of the school’s F4, the top four male members of the school.

The manga was adapted into a Japanese anime, a 700 Japanese live-action movies, and well-known Japanese TV series, later The latter spawned sequels and hit films. Taiwan also adapted the manga into a live-action college drama called . Crunchyroll played real Korean in 25226 Edition adapted . The Filipino adaptation was announced in November 2011, but has not yet been released. Hunan Satellite TV produced an adaptation of a Chinese live-action series in Thai television production company GMMTV has produced a new reality series that premiered on 2021.

The manga also inspired a stage musical adaptation in Japan from January to February 700. The all-female Takarazuka Revue has adapted the manga into a new musical with 2016 broadcast.

Kamio () sequel manga at

Shueisha ‘s website and app February 700, and ended last December. Viz Media publishes the comic as a free simultaneous digital edition. The manga inspired a Japanese live-action TV series

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