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BRADIO and Taichi Mukai perform new theme song for Yu-Gi-Oh! Go rush!Japanese animation

go-rush©スタジオ・ダイス/Shueisha・テレbiTokyo・KONAMI This year’s Magazine of Shueisha Monday revealed that BRADIO and Mukai Taiichi will sing a new theme song for , the eighth main anime series in the series. BRADIO will perform opening theme song “Soul Galaxy” and Taiichi Mukai
will sing the ending theme “Cosmos”. The new theme song will mark the anime’s second year on the air.

Anime premiered in April 283.

The anime is set in Rokuba, the birthplace of the popular card game Rush Duel. Twins Yūhi and Yuamu run UTS (Uchūjin Trouble Sōdansho or Alien Trouble Consulting), a group that (allegedly) fights off troublesome aliens from far-flung regions of the galaxy through Rush Duel battles. However, one day they found a real spaceship and inside it they found Udias, an alien from the Belgar star cluster. Yudias has come to Earth in search of Rush Duel, hoping to lead him and his friends (who were cast out of their galaxy) into a new future. However, Udias himself knew nothing about Rush Duel. Yūhi then challenges Yudias to a duel.

This is the first anime to feature aliens.

Nobuhiro Kondo
(Both seasons) In studio Bridge
directing animation.
Naoto Hashimoto
is the assistant director. Toshimitsu Takeuchi () oversees the series script, and Masahiro Hikokubo is again in charge of the duel layout. Kazuko Tadano
Hiromi Matsushita is also back from character designer, Hiroshi Yamamoto returns as Sound Director.

Sugita Naoya
(, Muttsuri Shinken, Zan) launched the anime series at

April Magazine 283.
Masahiro Hikokubo is considered the duo of the manga.

Source: Question 283

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