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Braves miss chance as Strider hits career-high 9

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7:12AM UTC
SAN FRANCISCO – The Warriors lead Monday night in the NL East’s No. 1 One midfielder trailed by halftime. Instead, they struggled after a 3-2 loss to the Giants in the series opener at Oracle Park.
Atlanta has taken at least the No. 1 spot in the division in just two days this year . With 21 games remaining in the regular season, Monday brought a transfer opportunity. Earlier in the day, the No. 1 Mets lost to the Cubs.
While the Warriors kept things interesting against the Giants, thanks to the Two runs in eight innings, they couldn’t come back, but after top NL Rookie of the Year nominee Spencer Strider allowed a three (two).

Delayed by 1 in Kyle Wright’s position due to arm fatigue Days later, Stryder, who started the turn earlier in the rotation, was perhaps his own harshest critic on the night he didn’t live up to his standards.

“I pitched like an idiot a lot of the time,” Strider says . “I didn’t adjust as much as I needed to. My fastball was arm side — not a lot, but didn’t do anything to really adjust back to glove side.”

Strider didn’t get completely shelled for five innings. But the Giants forced the 23-year-old right-hander to work in more traffic than usual, recording nine hits. It was a career high for Strider and the fourth time he has allowed more than 5 hits in a game.
Four hits in the second inning Monday gave the Giants an early leading. After Strider let former Warriors outfielder Joc Pederson fly out, the right-hander gave up four straight hits, including back-to-back RBIs from Willie Calhoun and Luis González.
Although Strider’s efforts were enough to keep the Warriors close, he later endured Can’t help feeling like I could have done more.
“You’re going to pitch in the context of the game,” Strider said. “Their guy was pushing and he was throwing us off balance – it took a while to get the bat going. So I had to keep us in the game. I couldn’t make us feel like we were behind.”
However, Warriors general manager Brian Sniteke and Strider’s teammates have a lot to say about his Outings are more active.
“That said a lot to him,” Sniteke said. “You know, a young man who won’t let the roof cave in when nothing is perfect.”

Added third baseman Austin Riley: “He pitches for contact; he doesn’t just want to knock everybody down. He pitches and makes defenses work.”

While Strider kept Warriors within striking distance, San Francisco’s pitchers didn’t give the lineup much play Chance. Atlanta’s offense struggled to tie the batting together, going 2-for-7 with the runners in scoring position and a no-no before Dansby Swanson loaded the bases in the top of the eighth. Can scratch anything.
After Seattle lost the last two games and the series opener in San Francisco , the Warriors lost three straight, setting a season high. The good news is that they are still 1 1/2 games behind the division leaders.
But then again, time is running out.
Still, the Warriors aren’t in their current rough patch. They just see it as a bump in the road that they need to overcome in order to move on.
“We’ve done a great job of minimizing these things,” Snee Turk said. “It happened. We have 20+ games left… We have to work hard to get over it and win tomorrow.”



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