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Brazilian-Kiwi Model Angelina Kendall Shares Her Perfect Go-See Outfit

Gone are the days when models had to dress like a blank canvas for their various go-sees. This new crop of models are embracing their personal style and expressing their individuality through their fashion choices—be it with jeans and a tee, or a statement dress. Every month, Vogue is diving into the stylish wardrobe of a buzzy model of the moment, to see what they wear to their casting calls. This isn’t any old clothing haul! 

After being discovered on Instagram, Angelina Kendall—who’s signed with Ford Models in Paris, and The Industry in New York—has appeared on the cover of Vogue Italia, starred in campaigns for Versace, and walked the runways for Jacquemus, Givenchy, and Loewe. Just this past London Fashion Week, the Brazilian-Kiwi model also made a cameo at the star-studded Vogue World: London show; She also walked Fendi in Milan today. Not a bad resume, given the model has only been working for two years. 

Below, the model discusses how she was discovered, her favorite job assignment to date, and what’s in her closet.

Vogue: What was your discovery story?

Angelina Kendall: I was discovered in 2021 via Instagram by mother agent Simone Hellicar during the COVID-19 pandemic. I think the most crazy thing about it was that my profile was private, and Simone managed to spot my potential from just a small thumbnail image. 

What’s been your favorite job thus far?

 The Vogue Italia cover has been a huge milestone in my career that I have always dreamed of since I began modeling. The cover image speaks volumes to my “break out,” as I’m literally breaking out through a wall. I always love working with [photographer] Carlijn Jacobs and [stylist] Imruh Asha—not only are they amazing people, but their creativity on set is always so inspiring.

How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style is forever evolving, but right now, I love to mix feminine and masculine pieces together. I think it’s fun to play with polar opposites, while also being environmentally-conscious and finding vintage and sustainable pieces to mix in.

Photo: Courtesy of Angelina Kendall



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