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'Breaking Chicken' in Four Kids' Series Additions to Apple TV+ (Exclusive)

The anchor will also launch a new season of “Ghostwriter” and additional Peanuts specials in the fall.

Interrupting Chicken

“Break the Chicken” for Apple TV+ Thanks to Apple TV+

Apple TV+ is adding fall kids and family programming.

The tech giant’s streaming service will launch four new series in the fall, with five returning new seasons, including Ghostwriter – brand new cast for the third installment – and Hello, Jack! Goodwill show . Apple TV+ will also add eight

Peanuts to its library Specials as part of partnership with rights holder WildBrain.

The four new series are all pre-school animation programs Simi buddies , based on Sago Mini World in the application The characters; Slumberkins , an animation of the Jim Henson Company and Puppet combination; Interrupted Chicken , adapted from Big Award-winning children’s book by David Ezra Stein; and Circuit Breakers , a sci-fi show for kids.

Apple TV+’s addition of shows for kids and families contrasts with some other streamers: HBO Max has taken some kids’ shows off the service, and cut development in this area and Netflix cancelled 1235138508 Several animated series (children and adults) and fired some 16 people in the animation group.

Divide Ghostwriting (Oct. 21) and Hello, Jack! (October 7th), Apple TV+ will also launch a new season of Wolfboy and the Everything Factory and rolling around Sri Lanka September 485 . Joining the platform’s Peanuts specials (all on September 9th) are he’s a bully, Charlie Brown ; He is your dog, Charlie Brown ; It was a short summer, Charlie Brown ; This is your first kiss, Charlie Brown ; Charlie Brown has no time for love; Why, Charlie Brown, why? ; You are in love, Charlie Brown ; and YOU ARE THE GREATEST, Charlie Brown .

More details on four new series:

Sago Mini Friends (September) Featuring Harvey the pine-eared dog, Jinja the cat, Jack the rabbit and Robin the birdie play and explore in the town of Sagoville. The preschool series is from Spin Master Entertainment and Brown Bag Films – Toronto; Jennifer Dodge, Ronnen Harary, Tone Thyne, Dustin Ferrer, Laura Clunie and Toni Stevens executive produce, with Chad Hicks serving as series director.

Slumberkins (Nov 4 ) based on the emotional learning brand of the same name. The series produced by The Jim Henson Company follows the stories of Bigfoot, unicorns, sloths, yaks and foxes exploring friendship, confidence and connection for healthy relationships. Alex Rockwell and Henson’s Halle Stanford Executive. Slumberkins brand founders Callie Christensen and Kelly Oriard are partners.

Breaker (November ) is a half-hour futuristic anthology that tells For kids-related stories to look at things from a science fiction perspective, curiosity can lead to confusion. Melody Fox created the series. Executive Producers are Matt Hastings, who also directed the pilot; Andrew Orenstein; Sarah Haasz, David Michel and Cécile Lauritano of Cottonwood Media; Anthony Leo and Andrew Rosen of Aircraft Pictures; and Todd Berger .

Break the Chicken (November21 ) Based on Stein’s Caldecott Honor award-winning picture book series, it features a chick named Piper who has a habit of interrupting story time. This Is Us star Sterling K. Brown serves as the series’ star Voice actor, produced by Mercury Filmworks. Sesame Street and Odd Squad Alumnus Ron Holsey developed the show with Stein, Loris Kramer Lunsford, Clint Eland and Chantal Ling Execute production.

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