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Brian Cox says Logan Roy's 'successor' death 'ultimately too soon' in final season

“In the end I felt fine, but I did feel a little bit rejected,” the Emmy-nominated actor said ahead of the HBO show’s finale.

Brian Cox in Succession

Brian Cox Successor Macall B. Polay/HBO

Brian Cox Said the head of the Roy family died of Inherit the last season of

come too too early.

The Emmy-nominated actor shares his thoughts on the show’s choices What to expect Long-awaited Logan Roy dies in episode 3 of Season 4 of hit movie HBO is working with BBC shows message

‘ Amol Rajan ahead of inheriting from ending.

While Cox acquiesced that Logan’s death happened in “a very brilliant way”, he said he “mistakenly” viewed it as a rejection. He also suggested it would make more sense to do so later in the season in episode five or six.

“Ultimately I feel ok, but I do feel a little bit rejected. You know, I feel a little bit, oh, all the work I do, and finally I’m going to, you know, end up being an airplane An ear on the rug,” he told the BBC.

exist in an interview Inheritance podcast , series creator Jesse Armstrong said he chose an early episode so the show could explore the aftermath of the Roy family.

“He was always going to die. It felt like that had to happen,” Armstrong told host Kara Swisher. “Once we decided it was going to be the final season, that was always baked into it. Sometimes, when I’m crazy about what the ending is going to be, I think, most tragedies end with death and we go back and see It’s the shape. But what really dominates is this feeling of wanting to see how they’re going to deal with it afterwards.”

While Armstrong was adamant that Logan was dead, Cox hinted His character’s death could have been a ruse, before clarifying that he “just said it might be a hypothesis”.

“It’s probably part of an elaborate ruse. Well, if you think about it, from Logan’s point of view, he has to figure out, what happens to his children when he dies performance, and then what happens?” he said. “The only way to do that was to fake his death, when in fact, somewhere far away, he was observing the ensuing chaos.”

At another point in the interview , Cox shared how he helped ensure plot details about his character’s death didn’t leak out before the episode aired.

He recalled filming his character’s funeral scene a year and a half ago and being told he no longer had to shoot additional fake scenes designed to avoid anyone suspecting that it was Logan passing. Aware that the paparazzi might get suspicious if he didn’t show up on set, Cox said he did it “on his own terms” so that Rogen could see him alive at his own funeral.

In order not to let spoilers come out, the site also marked the service for ) James • Cromwell (James Cromwell) role, Ivan . Happened in the show’s penultimate episode ), the funeral episode was directed by Mark Mylod, who said Cox was “very fun” on set.

“It felt weird to have this ghost wandering around the church, like Shakespeare. Brian agreed that as part of the misdirection, it was Ivan’s funeral,” he continued. “We asked him to stop by at a very public time outside the church so that if there were paparazzi or people looking for those crumbs, they would see him appear as if he was coming to Ewan’s funeral. We hung out together in church, very much like part of a smoke screen to keep a secret.”

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