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Bride Wears Galia Lahav to Her Darkly Romantic Wedding in Maui

On the other hand, the reception is inspired by the sun, moon and stars. The dance floor features a huge vibrant yellow and orange sun designed by Bernard Maisner who also designed the sun and stars at our invitation. Huge three-dimensional gold stars hang from the wires above, complementing the already breathtaking Maui Starry Night. A large red glass blown heart hangs from the tree, and there is an archway made entirely of flowers in the shape of a sun with “J+D”.

Next, the party kicked off with wild cheers followed by dancing to “Baby Got Back.” From then on, the dance floor was empty until everyone sat down to dinner and speeches. “Our older siblings and parents showed off and gave the best, brightest, funniest speeches and the room fell apart,” Jed said. “After my dad’s speech, he and I danced to a slow song, which was suddenly interrupted by a loud record scratch. The song changed, and we and all my siblings, their significant other Dylan and my The stepmom started an elaborate flash mob. Everyone went crazy, so shocked.” Jade and Dylan then performed the first dance to U2’s “All I Want Is You.” “That’s the moment I remember most that night,” Jade said. “Honestly, I think it was the first time I exhaled and felt focused enough to look around and take it all in.”

Dinner with guests seated at long tables , the table was filled with a pile of round cream candles and sunflowers – the bride’s favorite flower. The meal was served family style and included the couple’s favorite pasta, Tuna Omelet at Spago, lobster ceviche, steak, fish and pizza. For dessert, each guest got their own hot skillet topped with a gooey cookie and a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

For the sideshow, Jade changed into a Bottega Veneta sequined dress that reflected whatever color was around her: including the zebra-striped dance floor and walls covered in red velvet. “There’s lots of lounge seating with silver gravy boats with cherries sprinkled on them and dark purple candles on the coffee tables,” says Jade. “It’s all very much like Morticia Addams.” The entrance is a “tunnel of love,” with gold twinkle lights and red Mylar balloons, and when you arrive there’s a “shoe valet” who checks your shoes at the door and Give them a pair of custom “J+D” hotel slippers so they can comfortably dance to DJ Cassidy. “Food is very important to me and Dylan at every event, especially after the party, because hell doesn’t wrath like hungry late-night wedding guests,” says Jade. “So we have a cereal bar with all the biggest hits, pounds of French fries in branded ‘J+D’ containers, and serve up our favorite dish that we had in college Ate at a restaurant called Havana Harry’s in Coral Gables. We got the recipe and did several taste tests on their famous chicken vaca frita and the results were excellent Worth it.”

Now that it’s all over, Jade’s overwhelming feeling as she reflects on the weekend is one of gratitude. “It was a whirlwind of magic and happiness that I had never felt before, and the excitement and love our guests shared with us was electric,” recalls Jade. “This is the most energetic, charismatic, warmest weekend and I’m so proud of the festival of love we’ve created together.”



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