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Bride wears hand painted gown at Italian garden wedding at Il Pellicano hotel

Augusta also collaborated with another industry leader, stylist Carrie Goldberg, to create outfits for her wedding and all the festivities surrounding it. “The concept of bridal shopping was too intimidating for me, so I felt reassured that Carrie stepped in to guide my experience,” says Augusta. “The process felt collaborative, creative, and very thoughtful.

On Friday, the bride wore a Markarian dress with burgundy Manolo Blahnik mules and a matching evening bag from The Row. She was able to repurpose a long white Danielle Frankel coat she’d worn earlier for a more intimate ceremony. “It felt like a real poetic nod to our original wedding—we had so many fun times in that coat!” says Augusta. The long pearl earrings she wore at Friday’s event also came from Danielle Frankel. “I worked with Danielle to design her expanded studio and showroom space,” explains Augusta. “Danielle was very kind and gave me them as a gift before I went to the wedding.”

Meanwhile, all of Jonathan’s suits are custom made and produced by Knot Standard . “On Friday nights, he paired his tailored blazer and slacks with an old Loro Piana shirt from my late father,” says Augusta. “I still have my dad’s name on the dry cleaning label stuck inside. Still smells like him.”

The ceremony was short and sweet. Everyone drives up the hill in an Italian car to the private gardens of Hotel Il Pericano overlooking the sea. Once the guests were seated, the bridal party walked down the aisle to festive bossa nova music while everyone waved banners that read “Finalmente!” in the air.

Amid olive trees and beautifully tiered flower baskets, the couple swore their vows to each other. “It was totally out of my comfort zone and made me very nervous, but in retrospect it was such an important opportunity for self-expression that I will never forget,” Augusta said. “It felt romantic, lively and vulnerable all at the same time. Since we were married before the ceremony, it felt really light.”

Augusta’s take on the service Equally energizing and uplifting. The result of a collaboration between two renowned designers and artists – Monique Lhuillier and Hermione de Paula – this dress is one of a kind. “I fell in love with Monique’s romantic dress, but I knew I wanted to make it my own,” says Augusta. “The very, very talented Hermione stepped in and beautifully embroidered and intricately hand painted the whole gown. Hermione also designed my sage green veil – equally beautifully painted and embroidered including my favorite plants, Geographical coordinates of meaningful places, and a special quote from Anne Lamotte that my late father often recited. Having Hermione paint my gray silk heels at The Attico was a brilliant idea by Carrie.”



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