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Bride wears vintage John Galliano for Halloween wedding at Belvoir Castle

Most weddings don’t start with an IV drip. However, Tish Weinstock isn’t for most brides. Tish is a beauty journalist, former British Vogue editor, and known in the fashion world as an ethereal figure who quickly boosted vitamin C to revitalize wedding parties Just one of them. Her groom, stylist Tom Guinness, is ready for their friends.

The wedding was a three-day Dionysian party at Belvoir Castle on Halloween weekend, 11 Century Larter The ancestral home of the Duke of Lan, the guest list includes Kate and Lila Moss, Adwoa Aboah and Ivy Getty. Other unique features include a pub quiz about the town of Jack Guinness hosted by writer and man to kick off Friday night’s festivities, a menu designed by chef Tom Strucker (best known as TikTok’s Butter King) , and the resurrection of the infamous Soho club Tish and Tom frequented nights before they became lovers (Gaz’s Rockin’ Blues). That was before we got the bride’s three vintage and vintage wedding dresses.

“I thought, what could be scarier than a wedding?… .Halloween wedding,” Tish said of the time of year the couple decided to really fit in — and their impossibly atmospheric venue. “October in England feels just right,” said the bride, who briefly thought about it before giving up on the idea of ​​a destination wedding (“I don’t want to spend the day in repellent”). “The castle is so beautiful and October is my birthday month…I’m an autumnal creature,” she added.

Friday night at the Wheel Inn bar quiz at the Belvoir estate, guests They were invited to dress up in fancy dress, with the bride and groom dressed as Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo and Juliet (“It felt like last year, we could get rid of 15 years old,” says Tish), while The dress code for the ceremony itself is “Black Tie Gothic”. “They can interpret it as they want,” the bride told Vogue days before the wedding, which was planned with the help of creative agency My Beautiful City. “I expected a lot of black,” Tish said. “Adwoa is always going all out for Halloween. She said, do you want me to turn it down? I was like, No!”




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