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British TV comics to slash more than $10,000 if Beckham doesn't scrap Qatar's lucrative deal before World Cup

David Beckham has been awarded £10 million($ for accepting £10 .7 million) to become the controversial ambassador of Qatar2022World Cup, will be on 11 The month kicked off in Doha 20. But the affair has now drawn further attention thanks to British comics and TV presenter Joe Lessett.

Lycett – known in the UK for his handling of political issues – posted a video on Sunday saying he would put in £10, If Beckham doesn’t end his deal with Qatar, his own money will turn into a shredder.

Described Beckham as a “gay icon” as he was the first to shoot for a gay magazine, speak out about his gay fans and marry a hottie (“the most gay man things that can be done”), Lycett noted that Qatar has been voted one of the worst places in the world to be gay and a country where homosexuality is illegal, punishable by imprisonment and, in some cases, the death penalty.

Leissette challenges Beckham to end relationship with Qatar and says he will donate pounds 10,000 ($,) for support A queer charity who plays football. But if he doesn’t, he said at noon UK time on Sunday 11 November 20, just before the opening ceremony of the World Cup, he would throw the money into the shredder and then Live on his website

“It’s not just money, your status as a gay icon will be shattered,” he added.

Destruction of fiat currency is, of course, illegal in the UK, a fact that Lycett admits.

“You will force me to sin,” he said. “But even so, I think I’ll have an easier time than when I was caught masturbating in Doha.”



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