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Bronny James rumors: Penny Hardaway, Memphis 'aggressively' recruiting LeBron James' son

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This is according to’s Jamie Shaw reporting that the Memphis Tigers and basketball head coach Penny Hardaway are recruiting LeBron James’ son Bronny James.

According to the report, Hardaway attended the July Peach Jam basketball camp, which included a number of college coaches, NBA scouts and reception staff.

Eric Bossi of the recruiting site provided the following scouting report on the young player:

“Slowly but surely, Bronny James started as a player with the Sierra Canyon. James’ 6’3” He’s tall enough to lead well and he adds some pop to the rim with traffic or transitions. One of his strengths is his catch-and-shoot ability and he’s a great passer. James is on defense He put in a lot of effort on the end and he played with toughness and versatility. At times he can be a bit passive on offense, but overall he has made positive progress as a junior.”

He does provide some nice highlights in his young career :Sports [email protected] Center

This Bronny James block looks familiar 👀 @SCNext

Sports Center@Sports Center

Brownie James threw it 🔥

Shaw reported Tuesday that Oregon, Ohio State and USC are all vying for the young guard, adding, “Sources tell us… …Before the visit, Oregon was ahead and James would end up in Eugene.”

There will naturally be a tie between the James family and Oregon Nike made a connection as LeBron James signed a lifetime contract with the company and its co-founder Phil Knight was a Ducks alum. LeBron was quick to shut down the rumor, however:
LeBron [email protected]
He has yet to make 1 visit and has only had a few calls with coaches and colleges. When Bronny makes a choice, you hear his voice. #JamesGang 👑

As for Memphis, Hardaway has been a skilled recruiter throughout his tenure. He gets 5-star center James Wiseman in the Class of 2019, another 5-star center (Musa Cisse) in 2020, and a pair of 5-star talent Emoni Bey in 2021 Z and Jalen Durham, and a group of 4-star recruits.

Wiseman and Durham in the NBA. Cisse and Bates eventually left the school through a transfer portal. There is no doubt that wherever Bronny James goes after high school, it will be an eye-catcher , an eye-catching addition.



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