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Brooks defiant forward of fresh bid witnesses rep stand


The trial of Darrell Brooks resumed Friday, Oct. 14 with rapid interruptions by the defendant, who’s accused in the Waukesha Christmas parade tragedy.


Moments after the jury changed into introduced into the Waukesha County court docket, Brooks changed into raising an anxiety with bureaucracy that changed into left at his jam – bureaucracy Have Jennifer Dorow mentioned wished to be taken up with the clerk of courts, and changed into now not going to be addressed in court docket. Brooks wondered this loudly – and the jury changed into escorted support out of the court docket.


No subject pleading with Brooks to terminate the interruptions, and unsafe to consume him to an adjoining court docket, Brooks kept up with his interruptions and demands of the court docket. Have Dorow then proceeded to rep one more fracture – to let Brooks “frosty down.”


Craig Liermann, Assistant Police Chief for Franklin Police Division


First to rep the stand for the bid on Friday changed into Craig Liermann, Assistant Police Chief for the Franklin Police Division. He testified that he attended the Waukesha Christmas Parade with his family – as a civilian. He indicated he and his family wanted to procure in the trek back and forth spirit.


Liermann talked about when the motive force of a crimson SUV came barreling down the parade route. He indicated the automobile’s engine changed into revving elevated than a automobile in most cases would – almost like it changed into in the defective gear.


Craig Liermann, Assistant Police Chief for Franklin Police Division



“I may presumably presumably ogle the automobile changed into touring sooner,” Liermann mentioned. “I may presumably presumably inform something changed into defective.”


Liermann prompt the court docket he got an true take into chronicle at the motive force of the SUV – describing him in component. Liermann then talked about how the SUV drove appropriate by means of the Catholic Community of Waukesha neighborhood on the parade route.


“When he drove by means of that neighborhood, he struck a form of them, speed over. I may presumably presumably ogle people attain out from under the automobile,” Liermann mentioned.


Liermann prompt the court docket he never seen the automobile gradual down, never seen brake lights, and never heard a horn honking from the SUV.


“There changed into no alarm, no injury. It looked to me like he changed into taking into consideration what he changed into doing,” Liermann mentioned.


Ralph Salyers, Wauwatosa Police officer


The second person to rep the stand for the bid changed into Ralph Salyers, a Wauwatosa Police officer. He testified that his daughters private been strolling in the Waukesha Christmas parade with their dance team.


Salyers mentioned he attended the parade with his family – as a civilian. They watched the parade from the southeast corner of Maple and Well-known. After his daughters handed by in the parade –  Salyers mentioned his family left to preserve up his daughters at Cutler Park. From there, they made up our minds to trek dwelling.


Ralph Salyers, Wauwatosa Police officer



As he changed into strolling in direction of his automobile, Salyers testified that he seen an SUV riding in an alley by Maple Avenue and heard a smash. He then seen the damaged SUV.


“I seen the motive force attain out and take into chronicle at the entrance of the automobile and cry,” mentioned Salyers. “He perceived to be worried. He went support and got items out of the motive force’s facet of the automobile and then ran southbound.”


Bryce Scholten, Metropolis of Waukesha Police officer


After a 15-minute fracture, the bid called Bryce Scholten to the stand. He’s a Metropolis of Waukesha Police officer. He prompt the court docket he changed into engaged on the parade route when he heard over his radio the name for carrier for a home disturbance in Body Park – which changed into east of his situation.


“I started hearing radio traffic a number of reserve officer or neighborhood carrier officer inquiring for an ambulance because anyone had been hit,” mentioned Scholten. “It changed into tricky to fraction all together. I didn’t know exactly what changed into occurring. I private a collar mic, I keep now not private an earpiece. So, between listening to the radio microphone and parade, it changed into make of exhausting to fraction together.


Bryce Scholten, Metropolis of Waukesha Police officer



Scholten prompt the court docket he in the origin believed it changed into linked with the home incident. Alternatively, after a minute while he realized something changed into taking place. That’s when he walked away from his submit, previous his barricade and into the parade route. He may presumably presumably simplest ogle 100 yards or fewer, at that time he heard more screams.


On the second, Scholten mentioned he seen a crimson blur attain previous the Wisconsin Dwelling westbound.


“I seen what had took jam at that time. There changed into mistaken wound to the automobile that time. Injury you’d ogle in a traffic smash between two autos,” mentioned Scholten. At that time, between the entire screaming I heard, everybody calling for ambulances and back, I knew now people had been hit by a automobile. At that time, I believed it changed into a dismay attack at the parade.”


Scholten mentioned as the automobile navigated southbound it accelerated in direction of him.


“That’s after I knew I had to make utilize of lethal power to terminate the risk,” mentioned Scholten.


As fresh testimony is introduced to the case, FOX6 Knowledge will exchange this submit.


Thursday inclinations


On Thursday, Brooks tried every other time, unsuccessfully, to procure the case brushed aside. Brooks went on a 50-minute rant slack Thursday morning, calling for the dismissal of the case towards him, citing a chain of causes why court docket cases shouldn’t continue. Have Jennifer Dorow denied the ask, bringing up, “This trial will preserve going.”


He made a number of demands to the court docket, noting that he had requested licensed copies of “every thing.” He mentioned the docket sheet changed into now not licensed, nor changed into Dorow’s oath of jam of job that “you mentioned for the file you will now not give me.”


Darrell Brooks in court docket Thursday, Oct. 13



After 50 minutes, Have Dorow stopped Brooks, noting he had “repeated yourself a chain of times.” She gave the bid a large gamble to acknowledge.


Waukesha County District Licensed real Sue Opper mentioned Brooks “knowingly and willingly insisted on representing himself at trial.” Opper called support to Brooks’ “it don’t invent me flinch one bit” comment about performing in his private defense.


Opper mentioned Brooks’ sovereign citizen statements “are frivolous and wholly without advantage.” She introduced up the truth that Brooks ragged the note “treason” and mentioned it changed into “fully comely that he would throw the form of note around.”


Prosecutors deliver Brooks drove a crimson SUV by means of the parade route on Nov. 21, 2021, killing six and injuring more than 60 others.


On Nov. 21, 2021, in accordance with prosecutors, Brooks met up with his ex-lady friend in Body Park, the a connected woman he is accused of running over with his crimson SUV earlier in November 2021. She prompt police they argued in his SUV forward of he started riding, and he “changed into riding around with one hand and striking her in the face with his other hand.” She sooner or later got out and called her chums for back.



Waukesha parade attack victims known




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