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Brown's car will be fixed in time for Bathurst, Erebus confirms

Brown’s car was involved in a massive crash at last weekend’s Pukekohe round which resulted in severe chassis damage and could have an impact on the team’s extra entry into Bathurst.

Ryan initially explained the difficulties fixing the car ahead of the Mount Panorama event on October 9, revealing that the car had to be airlifted from New Zealand to Australia before repairs could begin, and that his crew was already busy building 2023 Gen3 contender.

However, with round 11 of the season less than a month away, Ryan is now confident Brown and enduro co-driver Jack Perkins will be able to race at Bathurst

“The guys did a proper inspection of the car and we believe we can fix it for Bathurst in time,” Ryan said. “We’ve sent it to Mount Gambier, on the jig this morning, the entire rear of the car has been cut off and we’ll replace it all.

“When it’s done, we’ll have it Get painted, then go back to the workshop and start replacing all components and bodywork.

“Almost every tube in the rear half of the car is torn, twisted or bent. Items like our gearbox, tank housing, driveshaft and suspension components also need repair or replacement.

“We know there’s serious damage, but you’ll always find more when you start removing parts and panels from it. “

This means that Erebus’ plans to send wildcards for Murphy and Stanaway are not affected, as the team’s spare chassis is still available for both.

If the team fails to repair Brown’s car for Bathurst in time, or the damage is deemed too severe, a spare chassis must be deployed for the 24-year-old and his teammate Perkins, leaving Murphy and Stana Way to look for other rides – or quit racing altogether.

“I’m incredibly proud of our team; our staff are working around the clock to make sure we have three rides in Bathurst Boost Mobile Commodore,” Ryan said.

“We’re going to Bathurst with the goal of replicating last year’s pole position and two steps higher on the podium, and we’re doing everything we can to make that happen. Target.

“Wildcard is no exception, once in Bathurst it’s a long journey.

” Everyone wants to be in Bathurst again Meeting Murphy We were excited to see how Richie drove the Erebus. “

Erebus finished third at Bathurst last year with Brodie Kostecki and David Russell driving the #99 Holden.

Russell will be second at Erebus Working with Kostecki again for the full season.

Greg Murphy and Richie Stanaway, Erebus Motorsport

Greg Murphy and Richie Stanaway, Erebus Motorsport

Photography: Erebus Motorsport



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