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BRT nears 2023 driver decision

The Cycling Supercars team will part ways with current driver Tim Slade at the end of the season after failing to agree on a new deal.

Slade is expected to join PremiAir Racing, likely to take Chris Pither’s place in the category’s latest lineup.

It was initially expected that Lee Holdsworth would fill the vacancy Slade left at the BRT as he risked being kicked out of Grove Racing to make way for Matt Payne.

Earlier this week, however, Holdsworth pulled out of the market by announcing that he would retire from racing full-time supercars at the end of the year.


  • BRT Team manager steps away from supercars

Holdswar His retirement makes Zane Goddard a prime candidate for a BRT drive considering his development work for Supercars in the Gen3 project. Consider that the New Zealander had spoken to the team before deciding to go for Holdsworth.

Other drivers eyeing the full-time seat include Jaden Ojeda, Zach Best of the Tickford camp and 38 Super2 Declan Fraser and Cam Shee pairing.

Motorsport.com understands that as many as four drivers are still vying for the seat, although BRT owner Tim Blanchard has remained tight-lipped about who they are.

However, he did confirm that Goddard was considering it and said a decision could be made soon.

“We’ve been looking at Lee, but he made the decision to retire and take a position at [commercial real estate firm] CBRE,” Blanchard told Motorsport.com.

“I think it was the right decision for him and it was a fantastic opportunity to get there. It was definitely the right decision for Lee.

“We are considering a number of different options. We’re very close to classifying something, we’re just evaluating our options. “

Elsewhere, stupid seasons are mostly ahead of the 2023 season.

Triple Eight, Dick Johnson Racing, Matt Stone Racing, Erebus Motorsport or Walkinshaw Andretti United .

Brad Jones Racing is currently expected to continue its lineup with Team 18, while Grove Racing will pair Payne with David Reynolds, although the Bathurst Championship has yet to officially sign a new deal.

This leaves a question mark for BRT, PremiAir Racing and Tickford Racing, which has four drivers signed but also wants to promote Best to major races.



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