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Bryan Cranston wants 'Malcolm in the Middle' revival: 'That would be fun'

Bryan Cranston sounds set to revisit Hal, the lovely patriarch from FoxMalcolm in the Middle.

In a interview electronic! In the news posted online Friday, the Emmy-winning actor said he had heard talk of revival of the popular comedy and made it clear he would be open to exploring it if the opportunity was right. More from the series. Cranston is currently promoting Showtime’s Your Honor, the second and final season of which comes later this month.

“Someone talked about the possibility of doing it like Malcolm in the middle reunion movie ,” Cranston said. “We’ve got a great family on that front, and if a great idea comes along, I’m certainly open to it, ‘Oh, it would be awesome to explore what’s going on with this family Years later.’ I can’t believe this is already the case, but it would be fun to do.”

Malcolm in the middle , which debuted in January and ran for seven seasons, also starring Frankie Mooney Zeys (Malcolm), Jane Kaczmarek (Louise), Christopher Masterson (Frances), Justin Burfield (Reese) and Eric Per Sullivan (Dewey) . It was Cranston’s breakout role before AMC’s Breaking Bad became his defining project.

In an October interview, Muniz told Fox News that he would love to Relives his TV family, and he gets the sense that he’s not the only one who feels that way.

“I know Bryan Cranston really liked the idea, he was kind of writing the script and making it work,” Muniz said at the time. “So, there might be something. I’ll drop 20 percent.”



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