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Bucks HC Mike Budenholzer says NBA 'needs to protect' Giannis, players from blows

Milwaukee Bucks' Giannis Antetokounmpo (34), center, is fouled as drives to the basket against multiple Portland Trail Blazers defenders during the second half of an NBA basketball game Monday, Nov. 21, 2022, in Milwaukee. (AP Photo/Aaron Gash)

AP Photo/Aaron Gash

Milwaukee Bucks coach Mike Budenholzer thinks Giannis Antetokounmpo doesn’t get enough respect from field officials. “I just think sometimes the hits Giannis is taking and the league needs to pay attention to them,” Budenholzer said on Monday. told reporters. “League needs to protect him.” The forward got to the foul line 12 times in Bucks’ 119-111 win over Porter Blazers, despite officials calling just one common foul after intense contact between Jerami Grant and Justise Winslow in the third quarter. Even with the scrutiny, it didn’t give the Blazers a blatant chance.

Even with Antetokounmpo averaging a career-high 12.8 free throws per game, it’s clear that the superstar Takes a lot of pounding as teams try to keep him out of the paint.

Philly 76ers star Joel Embiid charged with malicious intent last week over heated encounter with Giannis Foul:

Stand Report @BleacherReport

The referee called Embiid’s foul on Giannis a flagrant foul.

call correctly? 🤔

Giannis discusses the bash after Monday’s game:

“Even though I take a lot of hard hits, I always fall and get back up,” said the two-time MVP.

Budenholzer clearly remains concerned about the health of his best player as the Bucks struggle to contend for another title.



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