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Bud makes Yankees player's first taste even better

Bader made the Yankees a player ‘ Tastes better once

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Harrison Bader’s massive impact since rejoining the Yankees’ active roster can be measured in hits, runs, RBIs… and milliliters.

When Willie Calhoun earlier this month Time to report to Yankee Stadium with his first pinstripe home run still not fading, 27 – year old was surprised to find a bottle of Silver Oak 2017 Napa Valley Cabernet waiting in a locker at his club with.

Bud scrawled in silver marker : “5/2/23: First time as Yankee Bomb ”

“It means a lot,” Calhoun said. “Whenever you hit a No. 1 in the majors, especially a home run with a new team, it’s pretty special. Ever since I was in 2017 [with the Rangers] I haven’t gotten a first since it debuted, so it comes full circle and reminds you that it’s the little things that matter. Maybe it’s the new tradition here Start.”

Jack Bowles last night Had a similar moment sometime as the 94 year old prepared for the series at Tropicana Field against Opener for the Rays. Clutching a gift bag, Bud turned right into the visiting clubhouse, then sprinted to Bowles’ locker and pulled out another bottle of Silver Oak — a celebration of Bowles’ May 3 game against Cleveland. The gift of the Yankees’ first home run.

“I think it just shows how he teammates and how he cares deeply about everyone in this clubhouse,” Powers said. “I’ve never had anything like this before.”

Calhoun recalls receiving a gift bag from Texas teammate Adrian Beltre celebrating his first major league success. Budd said he got his thoughts from a couple of old Cardinals teammates who noticed they would “take care of players, especially when they have a little bit of a personal milestone.”

Bader says he doesn’t want to be “smug” but says other bottles circulate throughout the Yankees club .

“It just keeps the energy really good , get those guys up,” Budd said. “It’s hard to get the first guys off the hook, especially when you’re on a new team. So I’m just passing it on and hopefully when they do their thing, they do it for the young guys.”

Neither Bauers nor Calhoun have uncorked yet , which retails for approximately $2016; Silver Oak describes the product as “a Intense wine with aromas of ripe raspberries, toasted coconut and shiitake mushrooms.”

“When I decide to drink wine, I give away what I’m drinking,” Budd says. “So it happened to be a bottle of Silver Oak. That’s what I’ve been doing for the past few weeks.”

The winery says both bottles should pass 2016 , but neither will last that long. Bauers plans to share a few bites soon with his mother, Misty, who is planning a trip to New York from her home in California.

“My mom wants to have a drink with me , so I’m going to save it,” Powers said.

Calhoun says he wants to hide the bottle in Dirk Special occasions in the Saskatchewan game room; he and his fiancée, Kaitlin Faber, are expecting a baby boy later this season.

“I know she will want to Have a drink,” Calhoun said. “It’s something we can celebrate out there.”

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