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Buddy Daddies ‒ Episode 5

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Community Rating: 4.1

buddy5-09.pngbuddy5-09.png My face when I see a “good boy”. © KRM’s HOME / Buddy Papa Council

This is the most charming way to set up the “table setting” plot, as Kazuki and Rei have to be honest with Kyu. The two assassins have been out of work since taking Miri in, and the family’s bank account is getting tighter. It might even slash former rich kid Rei’s video game budget! The two try to take on some low-key surveillance tasks to earn some money, but COVID closes Miri’s daycare, leaving Kazuki and Rei up all night to meet their deadlines. They finally get a reprieve when Miri tries to do homework about her father making a living, she disappears, and ends up at Kyu’s cafe with a tall glass of juice.

Viewers may The series is disappointed that after all the work it took to get Miri into daycare, it’s back to the status quo. I’d much rather have this episode air next week; give us a “boys get a job” episode before they go back to the exhausting lives of working parents. That’s the only thing I can complain about, otherwise it’s another stupid episode full of charming Miri faces, and Kazuki completely lost it. The series goes on to prove that Kazuki and Rei have grown into their parental roles in addition to the whole murder case. Kazuki has come a long way since ditching the kitten in the box in the first episode. We also glimpsed again The formidable assassin who returned to the city. He first appears at the cafe in episode two, but it’s the first time we see his face clearly after Miri bumps into him. He’s still a mystery, but I’d wager at least two donuts that he’ll be on The Daddies road in the future. Although there is nothing to say In the narrative of this episode, I want to thank the series for its consistently good looks and the crew’s constant efforts to differentiate Miri from Anya. We haven’t seen any great action resembling the first episode, but the show makes up for that in the background department. The skyscapes and everyday places in the series have always impressed me. Places like Miri’s classroom, the park, and Rei and Kazuki’s apartment feel exceptional attention to detail. Readers have mixed feelings about Miri’s relentless optimism and exhausting shenanigans, but I can’t help but be Performance by Hina Kino. She had a great laugh. Although I found at least There are five related parenting moments in the series, my favorite joke being Kyu lying to Miri about her father’s job. Children’s drawings of Rei as an oil tycoon will live free in my mind for the rest of the anime season. Rating:



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