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Buddy Daddies ‒ Episodes 1-3

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smilerei.png smilerei.pngsmilerei.pngsmilerei.png Smile, Papa Zero! ©KRM’s HOME / Buddy Daddies Production Committee Easily one of my most anticipated shows of the season. PA Works released one of my favorite originals last year, the hilarious yakuza-meets-moe-culture, I’m ready for another comedy. Most lived up to my expectations, but not every shot lived up to its standards. The premise isn’t exactly unique; in fact, it’s very Hollywood. There are plenty of comedic action movies based entirely on the concept of a man who does a violent job and is ultimately responsible for children (actual age may vary). Examples go back decades and include Kindergarten Police Arnold Schwarzenegger in to Vin Diesel pacifier in To David Bautista smilerei.png My spy . An innocent kid throwing a hit, or complicating an action hero’s plans, only to reintroduce his emotions later has been permanently excavated by studio execs. Its does not Subvert any expectations Three Two Men and a Baby schtick, but doing something original is not synonymous with doing something good. Mostly well done, although it came close in the second episode it disappointed me. We meet our main duo, Kazuki and Rei, who are finishing a hit game and soon learn that they are also the guardians of four-year-old Miri, the daughter of a trafficker they murdered while Kazuki was dressed as Santa. Kazuki still has a soft spot for children and was once a father-to-be. Li was more cat than human, sleeping in a bathtub. The pair of assassins live in a rather fancy apartment and are now saddled with Misato, who is convinced that Kazuki is her father (more than just a superficial resemblance). Both adults are not cruel to Miri even if she is a wrench or something It’s a well-oiled killing machine. Her obnoxious ways are typical for her age: insisting on playing when grown-ups need to get something done, wanting “help” with tasks that are beyond her ability, and kicking and stomping everywhere to get what she wants. want something. Most of her antics oscillate between cute and annoying, which is perfect because while most kids is cute, it is this This energy exhausts them. However, in the second episode, my doubts were stretched, and Kazuki and Rei had to take Miri with them. Most of Kazuki’s infiltration attempts went according to plan until Miri screwed up. Eventually, Rei walks across an open backyard with a rifle and fires through a glass door. An unknown number of thugs (at least five?) returned fire but failed to hit him, despite the fact that he had no cover and was steadily approaching them in a straight line. Kazuki and Miri escaped through the line of fire without being hit. Miri was completely unresponsive to the gunfire. I feel discouraged, I seem to bet on the wrong horse. Miri’s lack of reaction to the gunshots, or indeed the show’s insistence on only allowing her to be happy or sassy, ​​becomes all too convenient. If the four-year-old started crying because the gunfire blew out her eardrums, it would ruin the shenanigans. I’m not saying the show needs to go that far in tone, but given the gravity of her situation, it doesn’t hurt that she’s a little scared.

Fortunately, episode three shifts gears and adds to the proceedings Some much-needed emotional load. The narrative wants to convey the idea of ​​what makes someone a parent and affirms that blood relationship is not required. We get to better understand who Kazuki and Rei are, what’s missing in their lives, and what Miri’s life was like before “adoption”. Kazuki is an orphan who may or may not have lost his pregnant wife after a car bomb was planted under his car. Rei appears to come from a Mafia family, which includes some pretty gruesome grooming from his father. Both men have some deep-rooted issues with the concept of family, and it’s Mi-ri, who doesn’t even know she’s been abandoned, who teaches the two of them what it means to be a dad. I admit I was choking on parts of this episode, though Its story hardly does anything profound. We have a traumatized guy who sleeps in a bathtub so he can fake any would-be intruders, and another who won’t give up (and admit) his dream of everyday life. Kazuki tries to reunite Miri with her mom, but she’s a drunk who works at a club and her only loyalty is to her boss, who beats her constantly. When she recalled taking care of her children every day, there was only resentment in her voice. She internalized Miri’s pleasant interaction with her as a mockery. She wasn’t supposed to be a mother, and under Japan’s abortion laws, she would probably be able to have an abortion without a problem, but that’s another story. Regardless, the framing of the story so far should make us sympathize with Miri (me too), while also casting a shadow of judgment on her mother. In usually more complex emotional situations, I would like to see more nuance and empathy here. Always looks good to great from a production standpoint. The action sequences in the first episode were brilliant, but could have been more memorable and well utilized in the second episode. Miri’s variety of humorous faces is not on Anya’s level, but is just as cute and expressive. I’m a huge fan of the show’s soundtrack, it seems to be influenced by 20 buddy cop feature. With a colorful background, I was impressed with the idea of ​​designing the layout of Rei’s expensive apartment.

I don’t know where to go from here; I can only guess we ended up Will see the return of the killer introduced in the second episode. Now that Miri and her two Papas are on their feet, I hope they step up the action in the next episode and provide more stories to chew on. Episode 1 Rating:
Episode 2 Rating:
Episode 3 Rating: smilerei.png is currently streaming on Crunchyroll. 194029smilerei.png

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