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Buddy Daddies ‒ Episodes 7-8

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Buddy Daddies?

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How would you rate it Episode 8 of Buddy Daddies?

Community Score: 4.2

I didn’t cry, Who are you.
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This pair of episodes Breaks Kazuki and Rei’s openness to their emotional core and sets them on a path to realizing what’s important in life. Also, we see the return of Rei’s murder.

“Great Weather” centers on the real parental stress response of “Dear God, I need a vacation” and revolves around Kazuki’s emotional avoidance build it. Tired of doing all the chores while Rei is playing Morio Kart, Kazuki leaves Rei and Miri at home to “buy a pack of cigarettes” and decides not to come back for a while. When I saw the preview for this episode, I thought we’d be seeing another comedic trip, as Rei quickly adjusted to daddy duties without Kazuki. A little, but the main focus is Kazuki dealing with his wife’s death.

We know he left money in Kyu’s cafe, but not right away Be clear who should pick it up. We find out in this episode that the money Kazuki left for his sister-in-law Karin is shameful. He hasn’t spoken to her in five years, but his little drunken outing is the perfect opportunity to clear the air. While Kazuki’s mini vacation and feelings are very relatable, his discussion of his wife’s death brought every tear out of my eyes. If you’ve lived up to this point and haven’t experienced an emotionally devastating loss, thank you for surviving so far. Or, if you have someone you love the most, you may have thought about what you would do and how you would feel if you lost them. Kazuki’s emotions are suppressed because he fears that making himself genuinely caring for someone will weaken his bond with his wife. Nor was he ready for a world in which he lived happily ever after without her.

Many films (and other forms of fiction) involve watching characters accept loss and ” Move on” to live a full life in honor of the dead. It’s a clichéd concept, but it breaks my heart that Kazuki admits he’s afraid of things. Some of this may have been unintentional emotional manipulation, seeing as this episode decided to talk about the dead spouse in my beautiful garden of wedding flowers hydrangeas. Thanks, PA Works!

While I’m pretty happy with the conclusion of episode 7, I admit I’m a little bit Fidgety watching something other than cute family comedies every week. You can imagine my excitement when Episode 8 opened with Rei in a murder suit, but this episode wasn’t strictly a hit. Like the previous episode, it’s about Rei realizing what she wants in life against the backdrop of assassinating a former teacher and putting him in a car with psychotic killer Ryo Ogino. We’ve met Ryo a few times now, including tense moments with Miri, but in this episode, he reveals that he kept a small diary of all his victims’ last words.

Rei’s mission is between allegiance to his father, the leader of the assassination organization Choices made and a patriarchal sunovabitch who sees Rei as nothing more than necessary to continue their assassin lineage, and the glimmers of his happiness with Kazuki and Miri. Much like Kazuki’s episode, “Finding I Have Something I Want to Protect” isn’t new by any means, but does an excellent job so far, immersing the audience in a family dynamic I can’t help but want to see Lai Happy

. Of course, we could see the final game setup from a mile away. Rei’s betrayal of his father will put Misato and Kazuki in danger as he tries to eliminate Rei’s “unnecessary” emotional bond. We’ll likely have a big showdown between Kazuki, Rei, and Ogino soon, with a kidnapped Miri on the front line. It’s not breaking any new paths here, but as long as you’re not too cynical about it, it continues to work effectively within its genre.




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