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Buffalo Bills GM Brandon Bean: Cody Ford 'disappointing' in Buffalo

For offensive lineman Cody Ford, the Buffalo Bills weren’t supposed to.

The former second-round pick was traded to the Arizona Cardinals on Monday in exchange for a 5th pick in 2023 – more comprehensive, it’s safe to say it wasn’t Bill GM Brandon Bean’s desired outcome.

It was disappointing for me from that standpoint, and I had to go back and look at our process…it didn’t work out there,” Bean said.

Even though Bean said Ford “did a great job,” the defensive move was ultimately the beginning of the end for Buffalo.

“Cody that year Fight, he went through some injuries and really had a good job,” Bean said. “And then with some of the other injuries, we did take defensive measures, for whatever reason, whether it was adding more Weight, or things to do… haven’t shifted as much as we thought, or I believe he thought. “

This article was on the wall this summer while Ford was working out with second-tier players throughout the camp, prompting the team to call to inquire about his availability. Combined with what Ford wanted Wish to start, time to move on.

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“Cody really wanted to start and felt like he deserved it, and for us versatility was really important,” Bean said. “When we cut this , it ended up making the most sense for Bill and Cody. A team has made enough positive moves that I think it makes sense to add an option at this point that hopefully we’ll do well next April’s job.

“A number of teams did call him over the past three days,” he added, “but I would say Arizona is the most aggressive.”

Looking back, one inevitably asks questions about what different ways the bill could have done to help Ford grow. But on the subject, Bean pointed to expectations for young players.

“In our world, we have a lot of expectations for rookies and they all develop at different times, just like everyone some of us do in our own jobs, ‘ said Bean.

“You have to remember, these are the humans we’re drafting. It’s not Madden that you get a 90, and every time you open a game he’s going to hit level 90, it’s all at home, Everything is fine, health-wise.”

Whatever could be, or should be, Ford is now ready to move on with the Cardinals and Bean.



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