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Bullbuster Project Gets Manga on October 5


The October issue of Kadokawa‘s magazine revealed on Tuesday that Hishio Itami will launch a manga adaptation of the franchise in the magazine’s next issue on October 5. Film director Hiroyuki Nakao and P.I.C.S. are credited for the original work. The manga will have a color opening page.

The franchise started out as a concept book released at the Comic Market (Comiket) and COMITIA events. The book centers on the concept of, “This is an economically legitimate robot hero story.” Staff members on the project include Nakao, manga creator Esaku Kubonouchi, science-fiction writer Yūya Takashima, and illustrator Junji Okubo.

The project has an upcoming television anime that will premiere on October 4. In the anime’s story, a young engineer named Tetsurō Okino who has developed the new robot Bullbuster is transferred to Hato Industries, a company that exterminates harmful animals. There, the company and its president Kōji Tajima are up against a mysterious lifeform named “Kyojū.” As a small business that is always finding itself short on money, Hato must always account for every expense such as fuel and pilot labor. And of course, missed shots are not tolerated. The company is always stuck between their ideals of Kyōju extermination and the reality of the economy.

Kadokawa has published two novels in the franchise. Nakao is credited with the original work, and Seiji Ebihara penned the novels.

Source: October issue

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