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Bullitt teases upcoming phone with satellite connectivity

Rugged phone maker Bullitt, which owns smartphone brands including Cat, Kodak and Land Rover, is developing a new device capable of connecting to satellites. The UK-based company has a teaser page on its website where interested users can sign up for updates.

Bullitt teases an upcoming phone with satellite connectivity

Bullitt co-founder Richard Wharton noted in a BBC article that the device will work on Wi- Switch seamlessly between Fi, cellular and satellite connections. If the user does not have access to the first two wireless connections, the phone will automatically link to one of two global satellite networks for texting only. This feature will allow Bullitt’s upcoming phone to send SMS messages in blind spots around the world without coverage, but users with non-Bullitt smartphones will have to download the Bullitt app to read and receive these messages.

Bullitt mobile phone users must also pay a monthly subscription fee for satellite service. Bullitt’s satellite-connected smartphone is expected to debut in the first quarter 22 – meaning we could realistically see the device debut at MWC Barcelona in February. Bullitt also confirmed that the upcoming device is running a custom chipset, although we have no details on the model number or manufacturer.

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