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Bungo Stray Dogs Season 4 ‒ Episode 47

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The old saying isn’t always true, but it seems like no good thing goes unpunished in this world, especially If you are Akiko Yosano. It seems unfair to blame her for her actions as a

or incorrect It’s all the more horrific that she was forced into a war and that her “crime” was trying to save someone’s life. Maybe, as the soldier said, she was being too polite to her. But how could a little girl understand what that meant?

It doesn’t matter to anyone else It was a child. You might remember the dead soldier mentioning he had a brother, and this week was a grim reminder of the truth when Tachihara turned out to be that guy. He blamed Yosano, but didn’t know why. Keep pulling him back from the brink of death to torment his brother? Force him to commit suicide? Or was it because he wasn’t revived the last time? Honestly, probably a little bit of all three, because like Yosano, he was young at the time and probably didn’t even know what was bothering him. All he could have dealt with was his brother getting worse as the war went on, calling Yosano an “angel of death” and then never coming home one day. It’s a lot to take on an adult; I’m not sure a child can fully handle it. All he knew was that he was blaming her, and that he had been waiting a long time. It is very difficult to think about all kinds of people Funny worked as a plant in the Port Mafia. Ango Sakaguchi’s Tenure There it exposed him to Dazai and Oda, and we all know how that ended. Odasaku’s death had a major impact on both Dazai and Ango, shaping their futures in ways that sought to fill the void he left. Tachihara, on the other hand, has been affected by his brother’s loss, and unlike Ango and Dazai, he chooses to fill the void with anger and hatred towards Yosano.

In both cases, the remaining People shape their lives through their loss, which is actually a theme throughout the series. Look at Hawthorne, who screams from the depths when Margaret is hurt, or Kyoka, whose life is changed by the loss of her parents. In many ways, the story is about finding the pieces to put yourself back together and deciding what your life will look like afterward. Liyuan chose blood and violence, while Hawthorne chose anger. They cemented the idea that everything has an equally important other side, and, like the establishment and the mafia, you can’t live without the other, a theme explored more in spinoffs beast.

As far as this episode goes, it’s clear that the Hound exist in their own special category. They come across as self-righteous and unhinged, as if their actions are entirely excusable by their reasons for doing so. This is different from Dostoevsky’s group, as he clearly enjoys causing chaos, while the Mafia has its own understanding of its dark nature. But hounds don’t seem to care about thinking about why they do what they do, they just want to do . If anyone stopped for half a second, thinking they’d see the agency being set up, it didn’t matter to the hounds. They have jobs. They’ll do it, and if it fits one of their member’s personal goals, great. This is just icing on the cake.

At least we know Fitzgerald still Didn’t betray the CIA, and Yosano saved Margaret before everything went from bad to worse. I’m not sure how Margaret’s skills help, but Fitzgerald’s eyes are everywhere. Hope he can use them.


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