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Burberry’s Runway Beauty was Inspired by England’s Blustery Countryside

Judging by the faces of Burberry’s model army at London Fashion Week on Monday, the scrupulously scrubbed skin that has dominated the spring/summer 2024 runways so far is going nowhere. For this show skin had that raw, ruddy quality that traditionally accompanies brisk, blowy walks in the English countryside. This was translated as the faintest of pink glows on cheeks and the tips of noses–an effect that echoed the same kind of crisp clarity seen in the clothes.

Burberry spring/summer 2024.

Otherwise, skin looked virtually untouched, while lips, for the most part, glistened with nothing more than a slick of balm. Where lips were a feature though, on a select few faces, they were lacquered in an inky shade of blue-black that provided a stark contrast to the freshness of the skin. The hair was similarly a tale of two halves, with some models’ hair simply parted and left long and others’ slicked back to mirror the windswept effect seen on skin.



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