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Bury me in Nancy Meyers' kitchen

Nothing counts as a cult these days unless you have a dedicated Instagram account, and Nancy’s movie scene has found its own during the pandemic. “I think it’s really about the world she created,” said the anonymous fan behind @NancyMeyersInteriors (follower count: 100, 000 ), tells Vogue why the filmmaker’s decor has resonated with audiences over the years. “Every detail has been considered and the sets are very ‘liveable’, ideal for many of us.”

This is revisiting their best While loving the Meyers movie, it’s complicated (the one where Meryl’s divorced restaurateur gets stoned – though it’s her marble countertops that turn me on), During the lockdown, they came up with the idea for this account. “I was chatting with a friend and we were baffled that although Nancy’s interiors and sets have always been so idealistic, no one has collected them into one resource.” Their first post was

Snapshots of the house’s elegant curved staircase in The Parent Trap with a quick response. “Suddenly the account gained followers. It quickly became 5, 000 [followers] and then 000,, now over 100,000! I think It really shows how beloved Nancy is.” 199819981998



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